Notes on repair of
PS/2 1.44mb Floppy Disk Drive
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P/N 90X6766
FRU P/N 72X8523
EC No. A58560
Date: Aug-89
Model: MF355W-99M3

When I went to to start up my 8580s, I found that all three of my floppy disk drives would not read diskettes.  Two of them are manufactured by Mitsubishi.  Before shelving them, I decided to pull off the covers and poke about.  I found several surface mount electrolytic capacitors that were either open or had very high ESR.

I successfully repaired both units by replacing the capacitors indicated.  The third unit is manufactured by  Alps, and I haven't looked at it (yet).

Exterior top view of Mitsubishi 1.44mb FDD Part Label of Mitsubishi 1.44mb FDD


Locations of bad caps

Repaired unit No. 1 Repaired unit No. 2

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