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John Savage pipe organ

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       The new owner: Evans Baird - trying out his purchase
       [Evans Baird 99]

    Evans Baird ( left ) and John Frisk (right)  unsoldering wiring from back of console
    this organ has about 400 pipes and as many or more wires.  Switch stack is on the
    backside on console.  Note the 12 vdc solid state power supply for magnets in
    lower right corner of console.  In 1937 the organ used a generator connected
    to a Spencer turbine blower for the DC power.
      [Legs 101]

      Console disconnected and moved out of area.
      Upper edge of view - opened swell shades
      Under 4 rank wind chest is: regulator (left) / Tremulant (center) / blower (right)
      Black hose between blower and regulator would connect to console
      14 note offset chest in rear - foundation pipes
       [organ 102]

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