Java 1.1.8 (Base & Swing):
    Run each package at the root of the Java install drive, with the "-di -ov" parameters.
    Be CERTAIN to have those command-line parameters on each when you run each!
    Make sure that NS Navigator is closed.
    NS will load x:\index.htm.  Choose a language.
    If the second page hangs at "Resolving the Feature Install Variable", reboot and try again.
    If you get "Cannot find the RESPONSE file . . . ", you didn't have NS closed before you started.
    Choose "Guided Path".  The correct options should already be checked.

Install the Java update(s)
    Don't forget to reboot after installation.
    Run DELINST.cmd at each installation finish for cleanup of unzipped files.
    Manually delete each file from the root when finished with each.
Java 1.1.8 Base javainuf.exe -di -ov (Runtime only w/Unicode Font, 20mb) (from IBM) (note 2)
Java 1.1.8 Swing Extensions javainsr.exe -di -ov (Swing Runtime, RMI-IIOP runtime) (from IBM)
Java 1.1.8 Updates for Aug-00:
runtime.exe -o (from IBM)
Also, check out:
os2jre.exe -di -ov (from IBM) (seems to be a Java runtime package to be packaged with Java apps?)
rmi-iiop-toolkit.exe -di -ov (from IBM)

Remove JavaOS2:
Once you have installed the new Java 1.1.8, you can get rid of JavaOS2, the old version:
   Click on the Drives object, then click on the Drive C: object to get the Drive C: tree.
   Expand the OS2 object,
   Expand the Install object,
   Expand Installed Features,
   Open Install Object - Inventory,
   Highlight the Java object and click on Uninstall (don't uninstall Java11, as that is your new Java, uninstall only "Java".),
   Check CONFIG.sys for the presence of any reference to x:\JAVAOS2, and remove if necessary.

Updated printer driver from the IBM Device Driver Repository
Bidirectional Printer Port driver BIDI.exe (from the IBM Device Driver Repository)
    See INSTALL.txt
Theseus/3 thes3002.exe (from IBM)
    Theseus is a memory management reporting tool from IBM.  Detects memory leaks on a per-application basis.
ZTBold v1.80 GA (from
PMView v1.05 or PMView2000 for screen captures (from
Time868 time synchronizer (from hobbes)
Seti@Home client (from seti@home)
RC5DES Bovine client (from
DeskMan/2 v1.51 from floppy, then v2.0 upgrade for Warp4
    Manually add "c:\devtech;" to the end of LIBPATH, PATH, HELP lines in

For a LS 5 installation over Warp4 base OS:
    Refer to
    Basically, copy the \WARPSRV directory with subdirectories from the OS/2 Warp Server CD-ROM to the local hard disk.
    Change to your hard disk and then to the \WARPSRV directory
    Leave the CD in the drive!
    Run WSCONFIG.exe.  If you start WSCONFIG.exe from CD, the installation procedure will try to create a response file on the read-only CD.
    Don't select "Advanced Print Services"; it won't work.
    Don't select TCP/IP, because you're using the version with Warp4
    Add "RUN=x:\IBMLAN\NETPROG\CACHE386.EXE" to the top of CONFIG.sys.  If you don't, you'll get:
        "Net 3091: the CACHE386.exe is not running, The server cannot be started."
LanServer FP IP08531 (from IBM) via Faskkick/DIUNPACK & run "FIX.cmd" (use DIUNPACK.exe instead of DSKXTRCT.EXE).
    Updated: as of 10-May, IP08531 has been re-released, "format was changed to be compatible with diskette image utilities."  So, possibly DSKXTRCT may work again.
Master Browser Enabler for W95 (from IBM)
    Use this to enable the WarpServer to be a "Master Browser" or "Backup Master Browser" to your Win95 clients.
    Unzip into a temp dir, using UNZIP.exe or x:\IBMCOM\PKUNZIP2.exe or the OS/2 version of "PKZIP.exe /extract", then run the updated BRINST.cmd (from IBM): don't use the BRINST.cmd that comes with!

Back Again/2 TBU

DOS Lan Services (DLS, aka DOS Lan Requester, DLR) DL8330 (from IBM).  This is the complete four disk set to install a DOS LAN Requester for a DOS box to talk to a Warp Peer or Warp Server.  Can be installed as command-line-only, DOS GUI, or Win3.1 Gui.  Limitation: sharing a resource on the DOS box, only one user can use the resource at a time.

HOW TO: restore your desktop just the way you want it.  DOS programs in windows, all DOS and CMD windows at individual sizes, etc.  It can't be the easy way, but here's how we're doing it:  Move_it/Switchto/Console

Note 1: Null at this time.
Note 2: The README says it's a development pkg.  During install, use "Guided" install, then choose to install only the Runtime and Times xxx fonts.
Note 3: The Fastkick/CSF 1.42 & DSKXTRCT method.
    In a temp dir:
    Unzip DSKXTR12.exe
    Run DSKXTRCT /s:xxxxxxb?.dsk /t:. (source & target) /ra (replace all)
    Run "FIX.cmd"
    [FIX.cmd basically contains:
        SET CSFUTILPATH=(dir where FIX.cmd is invoked)
        SET CSFCDROMDIR=(dir where FIX.cmd is invoked)
    If a FP apply stalls with no disk activity, SERVICE.exe may have run out of file handles.  See note above about SET "SHELLHANDLESINC=25", and perhaps add "SET CSFDRIVEAPPLY=x" to FIX.cmd, to limit the drives that SERVICE.exe will search for serviceable products.  Source:
Irv Spalten <> "Re: FP13 half applied -- I'm screwed" in comp.os.os2.bugs on 11-Apr-2000[ST_rn=ps]/getdoc.xp?AN=609643268&search=thread&CONTEXT=955731545.741474326&HIT_CONTEXT=955731545.741474326&HIT_NUM=&hitnum=22
For DIUNPACK.exe, use:
    for %1 in (*.?dk) do diunpack %1
Note 4: You *MUST NOT* install the TCP/IP 4.02 after MPTS8620, which updates TCP/IP to v4.2.

Revision History:
14-Jul-99    Initial release
    Removed PEER8412, too buggy
    Added PEER8410 as a replacement
    Removed  MPST8423, not needed
    Added link for PMView v1.05
    Moved MPTS8620 after PEER8410
    Made TCP/IP v4.02w pkg optional
    Added TCP/IP INETVER reporting differences for v4.0x vs v4.1/v4.2.
    Added MPTS8620 file replacement advisory about the NIC driver.
    Added EMX
    Updated to include Java 1.1.8 GA
    Removed Java 1.1.7C refresh
    Updated Feature Installer 1.24->1.25, and link now points to catalog (old link to FI page would not allow download unless you came in through the "front door" of the catalog).   Same for NS/2, PluginPak, and Java.
    IBM removed IP08410 from their ftp site, and we all know 8412 doesn't work, so I added a link to my ftp server for it.  Also updated ZTB link for v1.80.
    Changed NS 4.04 references to 4.61
    Fixed FP12 link
    Added notes about Peer8410: "no route to host", won't install if Peer not installed.
    Added Java 1.1.8 extensions (Swing)
    Updated links to Al's reorg'd ftp server.
    Added updated Java1.1.8 refresh links.
    Added notes about TCPIP.CFG and DHCP
    Added link to InterFTP
    Added SWAPPATH example
    Added note about NS not installing until FP5+ is installed
    Removed numerical references to table at bottom of document which contained duplicate links to be maintained for no good reason.
    Added note about \mptn\bin\setup.cmd
    Updated references to FP12 to FP13
    Removed MPTS8610/8620, which are for TCP/IP v4.1.
    Added MPTS8423/8425, which are for TCP/IP v3.x/4.0 (W3C/W4)
    Added SYS1719 and LAx/netx notes in TCP/IP setup
    Added alternate ART/registration removal method, from TC Carr
    Added note about new DSPINSTL.exe for FP13, fixes Matrox drivers install (supposedly)
    Added LS5-over-W4 install note about leaving the CD in the CD-ROM drive.
    Added note about os2jre java runtime extension
    Added "/ra" to dskxtrct.exe command line to "replace all"
    Added "(Fix 3)" to emxrt citation
    Added "SET USE_HOSTS_FIRST=1" to the CONFIG.SYS file.
I'd considered adding this line anyway, as if tells OS/2 TCP/IP to
check the contents of the x:\MPTN\ETC\hosts file first, before going
off to the "regular" DNS.
    Added notes about modifying CONFIG.X
    Updated the Netscape install reference; the 128-bit version is not called "COMM461.exe", not "XR".
    Added optional bidirectional printer port driver PAR1284.SYS
    Added Theseus/3
    Changed UNZIP to the version that supports 'shrink' and crypto.
    Changed self-reference links from numeric IPs to
    Updated NS/2 link for 18-Aug version.
    Added new reference to PEER8413, though I haven't tested it yet.
    Updated references to the Java updates for 31-Aug files.
    Updated DDPak device drivers to v2.
    Added TCPEXIT.cmd for SYNATTACK
    Added "remove JavaOS2" section.
    Added more archivers to be added to \ZIP .

Error: F&PS (Peer): SYS3175 in PEERINST.PGM at 00065253

Over the years, IBM and folks in the NGs have made us aware that File & Print Services installation (Peer) from the CD in Warp4 does not work correctly if you have a line in the CONFIG.SYS which is longer than 256 characters.  What is not as well known or discussed is that *any* line longer than 256 characters will trigger the subject error.

Most folks have posted that it is the PATH  or LIBPATH lines that cause the error, but in my case, a reinstall of Peer with the PATH/LIBPATH lines drastically shortened did not help.  The clue, as posted Aug-98 by Ken Taylor, is in x:\IBMINST\LOGS\LOCINSTU\LOCAL.L2, which read in part:

CAS0029: CASINSTL Warning!  One or more lines in E:\CONFIG.SYS exceed 255 characters.

I had several copies of PATH/LIBPATH/DPATH/HELP lines, left there by Tyra/2, a CONFIG.SYS maintenance utility.  After removing those lines, then cutting the PATH/LIBPATH/DPATH/HELP lines in three pieces (and putting the "discarded" parts in shortened REM lines, to be glued back on later), I was able to continue Peer installation without the PEERINST.PGM error.

Note that running <CDROM>:\CID\IMG\IBMPEER\PEERRMT.EXE, an installation approach which has been commonly advised in the NGs, did not recreate the Connections|Network|NetworkServices|SharedResources&NetworkConnections object.

Running <CDROM>:\IBMINST\NPCONFIG.EXE would not complete installation, reporting that it couldn't generate a file whose target location was on the CD drive!

Finally, as Mr. Knott has advised, running <CDROM>:\INSTALL.CMD will allow the complete Peer/MPTS/TCP/IP installation to complete, with all objects in place on the desktop etc.  To which the various fixpacks can then be applied:



IBM OS/2 Warp
Apache/2: Apache for OS/2

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