OS/2 Warp4 Remote Install

The Problem: Remote Install will not work unless NetBIOS is the first protocol

I recently had an opportunity to test this again.  In the test box, I have one NIC:
    lan0 = TCP/IP
    lan1 = NetBIOS
MPTS showing logical interfaces, 68k

I fired up Remote Install (x:\IBMINST\NPSETUP.EXE, or OS/2 System -> System Setup -> Install/Remove -> OS/2 Warp Remote Install), created some boot diskettes, then when I was ready for it to become the Install Server, I received this error:

Remote Workstation Installation Steps
The SRVIFS Service was unable to start.
Please see the \IBMCOM\LANTRAN.LOG

Remote Install error msg, 43k
[ . . . ]
XI10105: Insufficient session resources are available on adapter 0 : Requested = 5 Available = 0
XI10106: Insufficient command resources are available on adapter 0 : Requested = 14 Available = 0
XI10107: Insufficient names resources are available on adapter 0 : Requested = 1 Available = 0
XI10083: SERVICE was unable to open the adapters for requested NetBIOS configuration.
XI10087: SERVICE is not running.
(full version of LANTRAN.LOG is here)

Then I used MPTS to remove the two protocols, then reinstalled them reversed (in the "correct" order):
      lan0 = NetBIOS
      lan1 = TCP/IP

MPTS showing logical interfaces, 67k

I then rebooted. Naturally (as usual), NETWKSTA.200 refused to load.  I then manually edited x:\IBMLAN\IBMLAN.ini from

      net2 = NETBEUI$,1,LM10,100,150,14
      wrknets = NET2
      srvnets = NET2


      net1 = NETBEUI$,0,LM10,100,150,14
      wrknets = NET1
      srvnets = NET1

I rebooted again, and received no more complaints from NETWKSTA.200.  I fired up Remote Install again, no error msgs.

This the third box I've fixed using this method, for the Remote Install problem.  I suppose that something in the way I have the protocols installed might make my installations sensitive to this problem.

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