Recent versions of Netscape for OS/2 Warp

Latest GA version:

    "Version 4.61 [en]-010615"     (from IBM (old)) (from IBM (newer))
    ("about:bldlevel" reports 29-Jun-01)

Version [en]-000818

List of APARs fixed.
This version has been officially released and is still free, but you must register with IBM to get it.  The registration process checks your ISP's IP to verify that you're downloading it to a country that's allowed to have it.   Get it from IBM here.

New News
The "normal" distribution channel, IBM Software Choice Catalog, now (finally) distributes the Jun-01 version, so no more login hassle, and no more having SWC offer an older version!  Oh, and it's been renamed again, back to "COMM461.EXE".

Older versions:

    "Version 4.61 [en]-000818"     (XR_0461.exe or OS2EN46S.exe)

Version [en]-000818

    "Version 4.61 [en]-000229" ( COMM461.exe)

Version [en]-000229

    "Version 4.61 [en]-990915" ( COMM46XR.exe)
Version [en]-990915


After installation, you can check the internal revision date of Communicator by typing "about:" in the "Location" (URL) field, or use the menu and choose Help->"About Communicator".  Exception: If you have Stardock's Object Desktop installed, I've seen on one system that Communicator's title bar will only show "Netscape" and nothing else.  In this case, use "about:bldlevel" to determine the internal revision.

Other old versions (2.02 & 4.04) are here in case anybody wants them.

(Re)installing Communicator will reset the properties of your existing Navigator startup object, particularly the "Path and file name" and "Parameters" field, which will be reset to "-l en_US". This can be disconcerting if you had custom parameters set up, or (as I do) use the Navigator object to run a .cmd file.

Here is a test suite for testing PNG support for your browser/image viewer/whatever:
This page will rather thoroughly test PNG support.

Changing the reported version
This is information from Bob Emery, from a posting in the Usenet newsgroup comp.os.os2.apps .

Running Navigator 4.61 on Warp 4 fixpak 13 with both java and javascript active (and proxying thru Muffin to strip out ads and popups) I could not access my online bank.  Message was browser must be Netscape greater than 4.72 or IE over 4, javascript enabled, and SSL enabled.  I passed except for browser version.

I entered a fake user-agent in Muffin, but still no joy, so I looked at the page source and realized that no matter what the faked header said, the javascript knew differently.  After searching for the user-agent in all of the navigator exes and dlls, I found 4.61 in four places in netscape.exe (version 4.61 [en] -000818 ).  The one at offset 004481BD (third occurrence) changed the reported version.  ie Help > About Netscape now shows Version 4.75 [en] -000818.

Using this patched exe now gets me in to my bank, but reports on first starting Netscape that "No valid encryption policy file was found for this English language version of Communicator.  All encryption and decryption will be disabled."

This patched version connects to my American Express account, my bank, and MCIWorldcom online account manager.  I have looked at the site certificates on the security pages for each and can see no problems. AMEX and MCI were accessible before and show the same security info either way.

My question is: Is my encryption disabled or not? The bank's javascript tests for SSL and the browser passes.

[Later in the thread, he says:]

I tried several [encryption] test sites and all reported good encryption.

Revision History:
Install List Revision History:
    Removed direct link to Comm461.
    Changed notes about Jun-01 version to reflect that it can now be had from the normal SWC distribution channel.
    Removed note about SWC free version being two versions out-of-date.
    Added the 15-Jun-01 GA version.
    Added notes about PMR16590.
    Added note about Object Desktop & "about:bldlevel".
    Added "Changing NS' reported version number" section by Bob Emery.
    Initial release.
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