OS/2 Peer 8412/8413
Disappearing "Shared Resources"

PEER8412 (from IBM ftp)
PEER8413 (from IBM ftp)

The problem: Warp Peer FixPack L08412Bx or IP08413.

After applying 8412 or 8413, the folders "Shared Resources & Network Connections" & "Logons" are missing from the "Networks Services" Folder in the Connections folder.

Before FixPack After FixPack
Connections Folder: before applying FP Peer8413 Connections Folder: after applying FP Peer8413

If you wish to try Peer8412 or Peer8413:
   Before applying, back up x:\os2\dll\LSPRWPS.DLL (15-Aug-96, 492,779).
    8412 replaces it with a version that is only 168,076, and it will often "lose" your
   Connections->Network->Network Services->"Shared Resources . . ." folder,
    making it very difficult to manage shares/connections via the GUI!
    It also deregisters 3 to 5 classes.

A note from a user:
Forum: comp.os.os2.networking.misc
Thread: Peer Fix IP8412 problems
Date: 1999/07/07
Author: Piotr Oniszczuk

Well, after installing IP8412 atop of IP8410 all seems to be OK, but I lost "Shared Resources...." icon on my desktop. After little investigation problem seems to be in WPS classes related to Peer and LS networks - it is DLL called "E:\OS2\DLL\LSPRWPS.DLL". Backing up this file to level before IP8412 solve this problem.

What strange - this DLL in IP8412 has size only 168,076, and before IP8412 it has 504,539 - so in my opinion it is IBM mistake - they add wrong file to IP8412 file set!

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