OS/2 WSeB Install Notes

These are rough install notes I made to use while doing an install/reinstall.  This is very much still "under construction".  At the moment, don't consider this a good install reference, as I haven't even whipped it into shape well enough to test it!  Basically, for now I've just dumped some field notes here as a start.

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WSeB Install List
DSL-enabled or LAN or modem-shared box is assumed (no dialer).
Many of the apps/FPs are available at my ftp server: ftp://asavage.dyndns.org
Install OS from CD.
WSeB installs with kernel 14.039F_SMP
FixPack 2 updates this to 14.062_SMP
Kernel update SMP0801 --> 14.065f_SMP

* Copy \ibmlan\ibmlan.ini to floppy
* Copy \ibmcom\protocol.ini to floppy
* Look at shares, record to paper
* What are current partition size(s)?

* JFS?  No swappath=[JFSdrive]

* If server has no internet:
     Use workstation to copy files from Al's server to server.
     Copy files directly from Al's server.
* Install temp HDD, copy all of server files to temp HDD using
  XCOPY /h/o/t/s/e/r
* Disconnect old HDD
* Boot floppy, FDISK & make new HDD "bootable"
     (or "Startable" if no BM)
* Run util to find incompatibilities:
   CHKINST.exe /T:C: /L1logfile
* Install WSeB to new HDD

Apply in this order:
* Zip/Unzip
   (make \Zip, add to PATH & LIBPATH)
* Netscape 4.61/Jun-01
   Plugin Pak
* InterFTP
* Fonts
* PMView2000
* FP2
* Kernel SMP_0508
* DDPak02
* FI 1.2.5 (FIRUNPKG)
* Java 1.1.8 stuff
* MPTS8621 (no delete of TCPCOEX.exe)
* TCP/IP UN_2101
   IC27255 (reboot to prompt,
    copy *.dll + *.sym -> \MPTN\DLL,
    copy *.sys + *.sym -> \MPTN\PROTOCOL
   IC27860 -> \TCPIP\BIN , overwrite
* IP08602
* Remove superfluous entry in CONFIG.SYS : BASEDEV=(driver for Adaptec U2W?)
* LVM update from MCP2 (from IBM
   cd temp
   lvmupdt -d
   read README (I haven't, yet).

* Removed old 4.3GB HDD, then ran WSeB install using boot diskettes& CD combo.
WSeB's install runs CHKINST .exe, which warns that both "OS/2 Tutorial" and TME 10
will not be supported by WSeB.
* Installed ZIP/Unzip utils
* Installed EMX
* Created X.CMD etc.
* Updated CONFIG.sys for path info, reorg'd line order, disabled more frivolous services, set TEMP/TMP, reset SWAPPATH, etc.
* Installed ZTBold, found "lines >25" problem, made note to inform Kim Henkel.
* Installed PMView 2000 for screen captures.
* Installed GhostScript/GhostView combo
* Installed WSeB FP2
* Installed DDPak02
* Downloaded & installed Cirrus GD5436 video driver, changed resolution to 800x600x65k.
* Attempted to remove ArtChron, but it isn't enabled on WSeB.
* Archived desktop once.
* Updated TT fonts (MSWBFNTS)
* Installed Feature Installer 1.2.5
* Installed Java 1.1.8 update
* Installed Java 1.1.8 May-01 refresh of runtime and JRE.
* Installed MPTS8621 (WSeB ships at 8620 level).
* Installed TCP/IP updated UN_2101
* Installed postfixes for UN_2101: IC27255 (32-bit sockets) & IC27860 (ftp server & client)
* Installed SMP kernel update SMP0508 (latest known stable & GA)

Revision History:
    Fixed up HTML to validate properly; no content change.
05-Dec-01    Initial release
16-Jan-02    Added link to LVM update for MCP2
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