OS/2 Warp4 TCPBEUI: SYS0054: Network out of resources

Recenty, I ran into this "SYS0054: Network out of resources" error. While a Google search found a lot of potential causes for this, my case was not mentioned: I had duplicate static IP devices on my subnet.

Once I repaired this, my SYS0054 disappeared.

I had built a new replacement server, but had configured it when I was living in Thornton, Colorado for the summer. When I brought it back home to Duvall, Washington, and plugged all my various hardware in, I neglected to make a scan of the network for IP-using devices. I had forgotten an IP camera in a greenhouse which had the same IP as the one I'd chosen for the new server. Often, modern PCs will warn you about this sort of situation, but mine didn't. I'm writing this here so a Google search might find this for myself and others in future.

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