OS/2 Warp 4 Networking: Windows LMAnnounce

When using NetBIOS/NetBEUI or TCPBEUI, and networking both OS/2 and Windows boxes, you may want to turn on NDIS v2 Lan Manager Announcement messages on the Windows boxes.  This aids other NetBIOS-using boxes to "see" the Windows boxes.
Enabling LMAnnouce for W95c
    Start->Settings->Control Panel->Network,
    Select "Configuration" tab,
    In the ". . . Components . . . " pane, scroll to and select "File & printer sharing for Microsoft Networks",
      (Don't select the "File and print sharing" button!)
    Select "Properties" button,
    In the resulting dialogue, in the "Property" pane,
    Select "LMAnnounce" and change the value in the "Value" listbox to "Yes",

Screenshot: LMAnnounce for W95c

    Close the dialogue, reboot.
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