1982 Datsun 720 Pickup
Factory Workshop Manual

This manual has 111 pages. Chapter:  EL; Page: 20-046 Huge-sized version (1.4MiB)

Filesize: 163.8k
User Remarks
Personnel involved in production of Factory Service Manual must have labored under delusion that anyone attempting Diagnostics on this system would be under no pressure to make vehicle work a.s.a.p. AND already possess notes not found in the FSM concerning wire colors & pin-outs.

Centering around the series of diagrams based on page EL-46,
Letter Designations assigned in F.S.M. diagram to 7-pin & 5-pin connectors

D - Drive
O - Operate
F - Field
M - Motor
M - Motor
C - Controller
S - Stator

B - Battery
ST - Start
IG - Ignition
OP - Oil Pressure
E - Earth

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