Monitors/Terminals Repair Database

For a while, I worked repairing monitors & terminals.  Collected here are some original contributions, but mostly the collections of people with whom I've worked, plus some tips I'd grabbed from Usenet and Anatek.  In particular, I'll thank Wes Hansen here, as he kept an amazing collection of repair notes for many years, and was kind enough to share them with me.

Please don't email me asking for help with your rig; I direct you to the Usenet newsgroup .

CM4210 Similar to Compaq 420
CM-8452GX Hori bars in display Dirty 16v at PS sec.  C213 100uf 16v
C109 33uf 50v in PS primary
CM-848xTX HV ok, no display Ck G2 voltage (should be 200vdc or so).  If low, replace C221 22uf 160v near FB
No filament glow DMM will not give reading.  Ck bad solder on R852 on CRT PCB
CM-8428MX Squeals or R915 burned up Ck. or replace R915 22 ohm 1/2w
IC902 3842
U902 transistor TL431
ZD914 Z30M 30v 1/2w
C953 470uf 16v
Q615 D669A near FB
R651 0.1 ohm 2w.
If no B+, check
ZD913 1N4764A 100v 1w.
Also ck. HOT MJF16212 for short.
The transformer at PS secondary area (sometimes on mainboard, sometimes on bracket by itself) sometimes is burnt.
7035A Vert problems Bad solder C204 and other locations near TDA1675.
7076I Noisy, ripples, or shuts down Ck. C389 4.7uf (or 22uf) 250v near center of mainboard. (not the same component as on 7176I).
PS cycles No good fix so far.
Q313 TIP47 shorted
R458 2.7 ohm 2w open
Other things to check Bad solder at PS connector, yoke connector, C341 mylar.
Pincushion C383 2.2uf 250v
C389 220uf 250v
Various Ck. yoke connector for bad solder
C341 mylar: bad solder.
7176I Raster, but no display. Ck. bad solder at 10 wire connector on top of PS, also the M603 connector at mid rear of PS.
Hori Linearity problem in textmode, 640x480, 800x600,
OK in 1024x768 and above.
Q315 IRF630 won't turn on, so C343 isn't switched into circuit.
7176N Loses sync when warmed up. Replace IC303 (4151) & IC311 TDA9102C/T
JD144F Red screen, raster R944 850 ohm bias resistor on CRT PCB.
Replace with 7w ceramic
MON-7C6 Similar, but not identical to Viewsonic 5
2020 PS C11 4.7uf 25v
R8 1800? 120? ohms 2w
Distorted image or dead or HOT runs very hot. Shorted FB.  FB failure is common on this model. 
HOT BU184 can be replaced with BU806
Hori ripple Try replacing D308 1N4003 with QFR107 
Raster but no display Bad solder at G & E connections from CRT PCB on vid PCB.
DM14+ No display R821 150K 1/2w open
R824 1K 1/2w open
Flyback bad 1-482-049-03
C707 .0047uF@630V poly cap shorted
LM-1448 Dead Ck. R926 .43 ohm in PS primary.  If open ck. Q901 switching transistor P7NA60FI.
If shorted, sub 2SK1507.
LM-1564 Dead D927 UG4D 200v 4a 30ns in PS secondary.
This is D928 or D930 in other models.
SM-5514A See Compaq 461
SM-5515   Microscan 4A Similar to  Compaq 460 Has analog brightness/contrast pots, three color cutoff pots, color drivers are 2SC3953, uses LM1203.
SM-5515G Microscan 4G See Compaq 460P Has digital brightness/contrast controls, one color cutoff pot, color drivers are 2SC3953, uses M51387P.
SM-5517AP No HV or low pulsating ON/OFF, HV problem C838 47uf 250v
Alpha Micro
AM-65 See Wyse 150 Setup = <left shift><left Crtl><cancel>
BMS4000 Shuts down after awhile Ck. bad solder on PS connector M605 & yoke connector.
655 & 738 Pincushion/width problems. Ck. D213, C241, Q216.
AM/738 Flickering brightness Flyback bad.
Static when tapped. Bad solder on power connector P102 on PS board.
738? HOT shorted C215 100uf 16v
C226 47uf 35v
C237 47uf 25v.
Shuts down immediately Ck. PS voltage, Ck. C116
? Shrinking vertically. Cold solder @ R443 near TDA1675A
CM-335 Dead (integral PS) C112 1000uf 25v
Ck. R908 220k 1/2w?
Whine, HV OK, no raster, no LED, Filament OK 12VDC missing from PS.  Ck. D954 in PS
No hori. sync. Ck. C512
HOT shorted. Replace Q510 2SC3861 & ZD503.
Replace C315 .0015 with .0047, located at IC301 pin 5
Replace C512 100uf 16v near hori width coil
Too bright, brightness pot works somewhat. Ck. G1 near brightness pot connector P05 on mainboard.
If about 10v, replace C525 22uf 350v on G1 supply line.
Insufficient G1 voltage because high ESR.
Trouble caps C512 100uf 16v near hori width coil
C542 2.2uf 50v near coupling transformer
Dead or jittery Bad solder at C407 mylar at back of mainboard
CM-336 Screen flutters/collapses or dims C607 47uf 25v
C625 220uf 35v
C812 100uf 16v
All will be bad.
Width control doesn't work Q808 2SB861, center rear of mainboard
Color/display problems? Ck. on CRT PCB:
C717 220uf 16v
C702 100uf 16v
C711 10uf 50v
CM-346 Hori hold varies with temp. Replace IC-201 32 pin WT8042 324F (N32?).
4NLR Loses vertical sync after warm IC201 WT8042-N32 bad
VGA-C3 No HV Q502 2SC4742 on side brace
Q510 2SB861 on side brace
C512 100u 16v next to width coil.
MO401 Shuts down C16 47uf 35v? in PS
Ck. C34 220u 160v in PS high ESR
No vert sync. IC501 uPC1377c on side board
M129x family Signal cable pinout: 1 = White Ground
2 = White
3 = Clear
4, 10, 11 = Blue
5 = Black
6 = Black Ground
9 = Red
13 = Red Ground
Dead Bad solder on rear ON/OFF switch
Various jitters Bad solder on rear seven pots and FB pins.
HV shutdown after 4 seconds Bad FB
FB often go bad.  Sometimes low HV, sometimes very poor focus and HV shutdown, sometimes brightness changes, sometimes heavy static.  FB number 334P031-1  The Taiwan replacement FBT often has the HV lead in a different place, and the top bracket mounting must be broken off to let the metal cage sit down on the mainboard fully to solder it on.  HOT is 2SD2095 or 2SD1650
M1787 Goldstar chassis, but can't be run from VGA
No raster C319 103K 1kv cap on G2 line on CRT PCB
M2933 HV Shutdown after 4 seconds LQ2 IRF960
RL83 10 ohm
M2943 Can be run VGA, with an adapter.
A color missing Bad solder at many locations on CRT PCB.
Bottom half of screen has no hori sweep.  LED lights both green & amber. C001 470uf 16v on power saving dboard on right side of chassis.
No HV Q405 2SB1375
L401 burned up
Hori collapse or foldover C438 .51uf 250v mylar
Chirps Q418, Q807, Q417, Q405
Width or hori lin problem C418
M3502 R122 2.2 ohm burns up Blue mylars bad
Ck. HOT 2SC4288A, sub 2SC887
11nf, 5.6nf, 680nf HV caps.
C661 33uf 35v in PS
PS output voltages: 172, 77, 18, Gnd, NC, 6.2, Gnd, -18
LED cycles C106
R119 3.3 ohm 3w
No HV, LED on R113 3 ohm 4w
Dead V105
M4222 Similar to Philips CSJ5209, but different CID numbers Same bad solder on 7153 regulator at back of chassis.
HOT shorted Ck. 7816 IRF620 on rear (sub IRF630).
M6014 Blooming color L6B2 (for blue) inductor open on CRT PCB.  Other colors: similar part open.
M9102LL/D Similar to Philips CSJ5209/743.  Will NOT sync to VGA.
Various 14, Goldstar chassis Blown fuse Replace posistor (Sincera DGC3R08M, sub 8ROM CCS No. 34-1016-3, NOT C8ROM!) & SLO fuse, repair solder at Q706 near FB.
214S PS LED cycling, little or no HV Replace C416 47uf 160v near FB
If still a problem, replace IC101 3842 in PS. 
If still problem, ck. secondary diodes, 
ck R601, replace vert processor U601.
No brightness control or LED flashing. Ck. C507 2.2uf 250v
? Replace three color pots on CRT PCB
See also Helm CM1448M: it's similar, but has color processing on the CRT PCB.
215AXL Shorted HOT Q503 Replace Q503 MJF16212 with MFW16212, and add insulators NTETP008 & NTE422.
215S Vert too large Q204 2SC1015 TO-92
PX 14S No brightness control. Ck. C508 on mainboard, D904 on CRT PCB
Ck. R510
Shuts down when signal cable connected Replace C412.  If still problem, replace 2SC388?
DCM-1458 E No display, weak HV Turn up G2.  If you can see no hori sweep, bad solder L403 hori width coil.
1414AE1 Narrow, pincushion, front width control doesn't work Bad solder on Q409 on heatsink next to FB.  Have to remove PCB from plastic frame to resolder.
Ripple, noisy C812 100uf 200v
? (in some models) C824 1uf 160v
C806, C808 2.2uf 100v
All under TDA1675A heat sink in PS.
SVGA-LR14 Bad solder symptoms Reflow solder at dboard connectors on dboard.
500902-001/SVGA LR HV shuts down or no HV Ck. C322 (blue box).0056uf @ 1600v
Later models have .0062uf.
If more width is needed, replace with .0068uf.
Ck. Q312 2SC3885 for shorted outside pins.
Remove FB to access screw.
Continues to short HOT Bad FBT, Sampo FEA229
Hori width varies Bad solder at tiny dboard on large dboard.
Too wide, hori lin. problem C350 .91H 250v mylar
Brightness fluctuates C327 4.7uf 250v
LED flickers, no HV C11 330uf 25v in PS.
Vision 5L HV shutdown Bad solder at transformer on dboard above PS.
No width control D503 GI9424
Vision 7L (RM07F11) Hori problems, smoke Ck. C350 1uf 250v
Ck. Q350 1001R
Ck. Q302 IRF630
CM41 see N461D (very similar)
N461D/SVGA-NI Screen size changes with brightness control or width too wide. Replace C738 near hori centering pot.
No sync. Bad solder on crystal on dboard.
Dim & shakes, vert linearity problem. C610 220uf 35v
C710 470uf 16v
C929, C712, C611
Raster but no video G1 (CRT pin 5) should be 44v.
If 110v replace Q601 2SC1921 or 2SC2229 giant TO-92.
Located between FB and transformer.
P766D 17 No power Ck. HOT 2SC4924
C501 220uf 35v
CRT329D NEC chassis, but with integral PS
Dead, fuse ok Replace in PS:
C624 10u 50v
C618  1uf 50v
C615 47uf 35v
? C651
C652 100u 160v (PS sec, B+?)
7134T See Acer 7134T
1765D see CTX 1765D
CB1716SL See Smile
CM-1428A Blurry, ghosting to right. C525 10uf 160v
Blown fuse Ck. BD101 bridge rectifier
CK-2148 Blown fuse Ck. BD101 bridge rectifier
Aydin Controls
8912 VLin bad C521 100uf 100v
C518 47uf 25v
C519 2200uf 25v
9010P Blown fuse Ck. switching transistors Q711 & Q712 MJW16018 and bridge diodes.
Ck. rev. of PS.  If MPS-001, replace with MPS-003 for long-term reliability.
FC20AS See Sun FC16AS.
VC14C Dead C618 100uf 25v
Series 3200 (1 unit) HOT ok out of circuit, no HV Shorted FB.  Pins 5 & 10 should not be shorted.
312A (Presario 1525)
Sizzling, hori distortion like hum bars C804 220uf 250v pri. filter cap
C816 100uf 35v in PS pri.
420 Flickering Remove and resolder bias wire. 
Remove glue on CRT PCB.
No vert sweep See note for 420T
420K Various odd Ck large filter caps in PS for leakage around the bottom.
Shuts down Replace UPC1498H (?)
420T Various odd Ck C18 470uf 25v in PS
HV ok, no raster, filament glow Remove glue from G2 (orange) and G1 (brown) wires where they enter the CRT PCB.
HV ok, no raster, no filament Bad solder on flyback pins, to feed filament.
No vert sweep Ck. R215 8.2 (or 15) ohms 1w, located 1" left of IC202 TDA1170N (feeds pin 2 Vcc); if burnt, replace TDA also.
Ck. R320 1 ohm 1w off FB pin 5 & 6
441 (151FS) Vert sync problem Replace Q606 near TDA1175
446 See ADI LM-1564
450/Qvision Various Ck. bad solder CRX3750 bridge rectifier in PS
Flickering, vert rolling static Ck. C3763 47uf 25v above switching transformer in PS
460/461 Uses UXO51B010Z processor, soldered in.
Hori dark streaks to the right of white areas Ck. C729 330uf 16v, C720 10uf 160v on CRT PCB.  If no improvement, rejuv CRT.
No display or hori lines Replace UX051B010Z on dboard with ....214z and remove Q825.  Or replace with ....311Z and follow the complex modification instructions.
No or dim display, HV OK Replace color gun driver transistors Q701, Q702, Q703 (FQ235A) on CRT PCB all at once.
LED is amber not green.  No HV. Ck. for no vert sync signal at CRT PCB.
If missing, replace signal cable.
No power or gets wider and shuts down C812 (?), C815 220uf 50v (?)
HV shorted Ck. D818
Vert position stuck at bottom Ck. for cracked traces near standoff near dboard.
460P Uses socketed processor, UX053B122Z or ...012Z or ...229Z
No power or gets wider and shuts down Replace C815 220uf 50v.  Always bad.
Won't sync Ck. Q814 2SA1015
Dim before rejuv Ck. Q822 2SC2229 near back of FB
Too bright, control doesn't work Ck. G1 (should be -25v to -35v); if +20, ck. R841 27k near FB for open.
Color problem On dboard with M51387P on CRT PCB:
C10, C11, C12 2.2uf 50v
C01 100uf 25v
462 There are two versions, with different FBT and uprocessors
No HV or no initial sync On version where U101 uprocessor is UX063B219B 42 pin, ck JB56 4.7 ohm 2w, located to the left of where video cable comes in, behind round black L401.  If open, when replaced verify that B+ is 140+v and U801 TDA4852 oscillator is running at 63khz.  Try running it and immediately do mode switch to higher res.  If B+ comes down and unit syncs, replace U101 uprocessor.  It is not initializing D/A converter U109 TDA 8444P.  This unit uses FBT LZI74A304N
Loss of focus with temp This version has 2"x3.5" hori dboard above uprocessor U101 28 pin, and FBT LZI74A304T, replace FBT?
471P & 472P (Samtron) Dead or too wide & pincushion D312 BYW96E-PH on heatsink near FB (sub BY329-1200)
KSE800 (no CID or Q803) on heat sink with TDA8351 (sub MJE803 with insulating pad)
472P No power Ck. R102/R103 270k ohm in PS for open.
No HV with signal cable connected. Ck Hsync on signal cable.  If no Hsync, HV will not come up with other signals present.
473 Chirping Q7086 BU2508AF HOT
Q8905 IRF620 FET
Raster/retraces R3780 10 ohm 1/2w open on CRT PCB
Conrac Elektron
N7C0C0 No HV, noisy PS Dual power supplies: R621 1 megohm in PS is open, preventing B+ side of PS from starting.  Easy check is to power up unit, try to measure voltage at base of switcher.  Unit will start up.
OR: Ck. D683 FR302 in PS secondary. Replace with QFR307
No HV, noisy PS Ck. D683 FR302 in PS secondary. Replace with QFR307
Pincushion C622(?) 2.2uf 50v near rear center.
Blown fuse Ck. Q621 TIPL760C (can sub 2SC3447).  If shorted, replace Q622 2SC1213
Ck. R622 .22 ohm.
Blown fuse D602 20D62I (can sub QFR307) in PS primary
CTX      1.800.888.2012, Fax: 909.598.8294
1451 Chirps Ck. HOT Q701 2SC5149.  If shorted, replace with BU2520, per CTX tech supt.
Always replace C722 47u 50v next to HOT!
Replace R734 1k with 1.5k ohm (optional)
Q406 2SD386A, replace with 2SD1138
Q407 2SC2705 giant TO-92 (next to Q406)
Q410 IRF630 or 2SK890 (can sub IRF640)
R434 1.8 ohm
Continues to blow HOT Q701 Replace FBT 47F13-0330 with Sampo FEA247, 
Ck. Q102 2SD313 in PS sec.
Pincushion or HV shutdown Q406 2SD386A, replace with 2SD1138
Q407 2SC2705 giant TO-92
Q410 IRF630 or 2SK890 (can sub IRF640)
R432 1k ohm
Hori wrap/fold or Q405 shorted C722 47uf 50v next to Q701 HOT
Ck. Q405 2SK791 on heat sink plate
Dead Blown solder at ON/OFF switch
Dead Ck. D104 in PS (may read marginal).
Replace with QFR307, not 1A.
Color problems Bad solder on 9 resistors on CRT PCB
1451C Vert sweep too tall IC WT8045-N28-2
Pincushion Q404 2SA1015
Hori non-linearity C233 .5uf 250v in yoke return circuit.
1461, 1561 Blown fuse, Hori transistor OK Change PS Transistor Q101 (2SK955), remove ZD101, remove & resolder mounting connector on dboard @ P104 EVERY TIME.
PS Trans Q101 shorted If, after replacement, blows again, change IC101 UC3842 on dboard.
Flashing power LED R114 should be 0.39 ohms, +- 0.1 ohm.  Also  ck. daughterboard mounting solder on dboard.
Display size changes with brightness control. R114 should be 0.39 ohms, +- 0.1 ohm
Flickering, 95v is high and won't adjust down. Replace IC101 UC3842 on dboard.
1461LR No video Ck. R433
Display size adjustment: use VR205 to adjust 1024x768 to same size as VGA
1560LR Pincushion Ck. vert deflection IC201 LA7838 for bad solder.
Ck. R449, under IC402, for bad solder.
Pull IC402 LM317 and remove glue.
Pincushion when warm. Replace Q407 LA7837
Display changes size when adj brightness Replace C118 100uf 350v
Jittery C424 220uf 250v near FBT.
1561LR Raster, no display Ck. contrast voltage at IC601 pin 14.
Should vary from 4.7-8v.
1562LR Odd width problems Bad solder L402, R407, D501
Bad .1uf mylar feeding an op amp that feeds the hori one shot NE555 or similar.
1565D Dead Q701 HOT 2SC4924
C701 100uf 50v
Ck. Q401 2SK890
Streaks Replace on CRT PCB:
C632 1uf 160v
C620 1uf 160v
C633 1uf 160v
C617 1uf 160v
C631 1uf 160v
1760LR Flashing power LED Ck. Q401 HPA100 Hori output & Q412 C4769.  If shorted, check Q305 2SD386A on tall black heat sink.  It will be shorted or low junction (all should be .500).  I have seen this factory modified to use 2SC2898 with a jumper from the lower pin of P308 to the upper pin of Q305, and the trace cut from the lower pin of P308.  Outside pins of 2SC4769 are normally shorted. Ck. D410 for open.
Ck. C308 4.7uf 250v, C135
Pincushion/width problems Q304 2SC3468E and the one next to it.
Piecrusting R353 10ohm 2W
Various See 1760DF PS writeup
Ck. 47uf 250v cap.  This cap is located at the back of the board by where the signal cable comes in and is connected to point S on the PCB.
1760DF Dim and too wide Replace C418 mylar next to transformer.
Various Bad solder on all PS output connectors, PS transformer T101, back of dboard mounting P105 (like on 1461 series), P306 on mainboard.
Replace in PS:
C111 330uf 25v
C126 470uf 35v
C127 470uf 35v
Ck. D112 for glue or open.
PS voltages on P106 should be 95, 25, 12, 7.5, 5
Bad solder on P11 & P13 on mainboard dboard riser.
1760x & 20 Jittery Ck. bad solder on PS connector P106
1765D No HV Q335 2SC4769 HOT
Q338 2SK1377
R470 .68 ohm 1w
IC303 UC3843M
R465 10k ohm 1/4w (sometimes burnt)
R496 value unknown (2.5 ohm?)
D327 BYV26C sub SF36
1785GME Dead Shorted bridge.
Ck. bad solder on PS secondary harness connector.
3436 Dead Ck. R143 1.8 ohm 5w ceramic in PS
5431 Vert colored bar on rt side C704, C705, C706 2.2uf 50v on CRT PCB.
Also resolder CRT socket
5468 Hori linearity problem C322 .39J 400v.  ESR should be less than 10.
Dead Ck. R104
Dead, no LED, but PS runs Ck. FB pin 9 for B+ of 105v.  If present, look for bad solder at T301 hori coupling transformer.
Chirps Ck. R103; changes value
Dim Replace R303 270k with 470k 1/2w.  Helps.
5468A Vertical collapse when smacked Ck. for bad solder on C208 under CRT at front of mainboard.
Shorted HOT Q301 2SC3892A Ck. also Q419 2SK357 B+ regulator
D435 PH-33G
5468NI Too wide Replace C314 .0082 630v mylar
Vert compressed C403 mylar? near center left of mainboard.
Vert compressed Add resistor 100k ohm across pins 2 & 4 on IC402.
Dead Ck. HOT Q301 2SC3892A
D435 PH-33G
Q419 2SK357
6468ES Shorted HOT Q701 Ck. add-on zener diode under ceramic resistors R404/R407; may be shorted.
1502B1 Pincushion, smoke D602 near FB.  Fried, beyond ID.  Sub'd FR155.
Q604 2SB988
D-1450 Hori phase or sync problem C502 .0056 100v mylar off pin 14 of I504 74HC4538AP at center front of mainboard.
(Edison, Sceptre, Royal)
Dead, fuse ok Q71 2SC4236 switcher.  Can sub 2SC4237
Q72 2SD667 switcher driver
C709 10uf 50v hidden under transformer
C711 2.2uf 50v (not always bad)
R706 .68 ohms 1w
R702, R703 100k ohm 1/2w filter bleeders
Vert linearity C412 3.3uf 160v
C303, C304 47uf 16v
Slow HV startup C524 10uf 50v
C410? 47uf 25v
C801 .47uf 50v
C803 100uf 25v
Vert bars in display C207 330uf 16v
Color problems C126, C127, C128 2.2uf 50v
C310 10uf 160v
DT1418AD Dead or white display Ck. pin #1 on FB for blown solder.
DT14-SNI Hori static in display B+ filter cap C812 100uf 200v at PS secondary.  See also AST 1414E1.  Ck. bad solder Q382 on heat sink plate around FB.
DT1530 No display Resolder all pins on CRT socket.
DT1731 No HV B+ Ok, voltage on HOT xformer ok:
IC341 LM7812 regulator near FBT
15fs Too wide Ck. D405 MUR460.  May read ok, but try replacing it.  Ck. Q510 2SB716 for short.
Shorted HOT Q403 BUH715 or very noisy operation & HOT gets hot. C961 1uf 50v
C417 10uf 250v
C401 10uf 25v
C403 2.2uf 50v
17ES/P1728U No HV, flashing LED Ck./replace HOT Q503 2SC5044.  If shorted, ck. Q534 2SJ307.  After, ck for these getting too hot.  No known repair if they do.
Odd picture Requires special external signal cable w/unique pinouts.
17FS-N/VC7N HV shutdown Cooling fan dragging/locked up/not coming up to speed; shuts down PS.
D1728D-LS Color missing IC102 LM2427T
DL-1460NI Dead D110 HER305 400v 5A 35ns in PS secondary
Vi1428u Display blanks Ck. C414 10uf 250v near FBT
Ck. C424 33uf 160v near FBT
Ck. C438 1uf 160v near signal cable
VC-3 See NEC 2A (JC-1403) VC-3 is the same mainboard, with different brightness/contrast controls.
PC7XV-DE See AST 500902-001
PCXAV-F Dims out over 30 minutes G2 drops off from 190v to zero.
Gray focus divider is the problem.
HQ3376CP 92611 VDE-REG.-NR.4453
PCXBV-DE ALWAYS REPLACE! C466 22uf 160v near FBT.
No HV Bad solder L401 near FBT
See also PCXBV-DE, which is very similar.
PCXBV-PE ALWAYS REPLACE! C466 22uf 160v near FBT.
No brightness control or black display (no G1) C466 22uf 160v near FBT.
Q412 BF422 TO-92
R477 47k 1w (drifts to 53k, too high)
Too wide C457 4.7uf 50v NP in HV section
Q406 2SK526
D405 (9132)
Vert foldover, screen pulsating at full width C818 100uf 250v PS secondary, B+
Dead, shorted HOT Q808 2SK526
Q402 2SC5002
Bad moire pattern see "no brightness control"
PCXBV-RD Dead, smoked Blown solder at L406 hori width coil.
HR-1428 See AOC CM-335 (with separate PS)
MMD-1700T See Taxan 640
T16 GDM1602 1950 (Sony) Pincushion problem Replace (2) RC4558 on dboard #DB.
T16 II See Mag MX17
CM1402 Vert foldover Ck. C417
1439SV No sync (H or V) No 5v on ICs.  Ck. IC502 5v regulator.
No contrast change from  front panel. Replace LM1203N.
38-K41IMJ-01 Won't sync on green HSync = Gray, pin 8 (internal cable)
VSync = White, pin 9 (internal cable)
HSync = pin 4 (DB9)
VSync = pin 5 (DB9)
Ck. for 12v at IC LM1881 pin 8 on sync separator PCB (PCB under label).  If no voltage present, Add jumper wire from IC901 LM1203 pin 1 to connector PL901 pin 10.
SA-770 Dead C635 22uf 250v rear center of mainboard,
Q630 IRF634A FET,
D632 31DF4 Diode (watch out!  on one rig I repaired, the cathode is silkscreened one direction on the top of the PCB (correctly) and another way on the bottom (incorrectly).
From Anatek: "EMC is now recommending a chassis modification, to reduce the value of C635 to 10 uF/250V (from 22 uF).  Apparently, the original value of C635 was excessive, and overstressed the circuit, causing the failure of the rectifier, cap, and FET.  Also, D632 is now recommended to be outright replaced, regardless of how it checks, when C635 has failed; the rectifier can be damaged, yet still test fine on a DMM."
1415EM HV OK, no display Coil open in filament circuit on mainboard.  Marked as a resistor.
1420EM HV OK, no display Bad solder in PS to filament circuit.
T1184U Raster, too bright C235 22uf 350v next to FBT
Hori tears, varies with width Adj. VR703 on defl dboard.
Opus 2/3n1/4
(vid PCBs are similar)
WARNING! Discharge large cap on CRT PCB before removing video PCB.
Replace list (Opus 2/3n1): C805 = 6.8uf 50v NP
C808 = 680uf 50v
C812, C813 = 4.7uf 250v
C802, C806, C841 = 1uf 100v
(C841: negative leg toward FB)
C602, C612 = 1000uf 25v
C605 = 100uf 25v
Replace list (Opus 4): C805 = 5.6uf 50v NP
C808 = 680uf 50v
C812, C813 = 4.7uf 250v
C802, C806, C810 = 1uf 100v
C801 = 4.7uf 50v
C602, C612 = 1000uf 25v
C605 = 100uf 25v
Vert ok, little or no Hori Ck. C805 NP 5.6uf 35v near FB
Display shifted to either side If replacing the HOT & caps doesn't fix this, adjust the hori phase (blue pot on logic PCB near AC socket)
Shorted HOT Q802 BU406 Replace with BU806 or BU807
(Opus 2/3 & 4 PSs are similar) Noisy PS replace list: C906 100uf 25v
C905 10uf 16v
(4 diode heat sink version only.  May ck. OK, replace it anyway) C931 470uf 16v
(1 diode heat sink version) C919 10uf 16v
Hot regulator in PS (front heat sink, L200C) (not a complete cure) C916 470uf 25v
C915 1000uf 25v
Dead PS Ck. shorted Q901 2SC3150.  If shorted, replace Q902 2N2222A, Ck. shorted IC901 optocoupler CQY80NG at connection to base of 2222A.
ESP6310 WARNING! CRTs do not self discharge!
PS low voltage (should be 15v to video PCB) Replace C506 & C507 1uf 50v in PS.
? Ck. C506, C507 1uf 100v
TCM-0456 Hori linearity problem C419 474J 250v mylar (poly?)
TCM-0700 Dead PS In PS, ck:
diode D18
Q1 2SK1461
Q2 9314
IC1 UC3842 oscillator.
On mainboard, ck:
C630 220uf 250v near FB
CM48U See AST CM41
500 Component list for vid PCB P/N 230265 (7 pots face up). R609 = 120 ohm 0.5w.  Burns up.
Various Ck. C411 470uf 25v
On PS w/(2) filter caps, they both go bad:
C6/C7 100uf 250v
No video On PS w/(1) filter cap and (2) output connectors, low vid voltage (under 11.5v), replace:
C17, C20 = 1000uf 25v
C22, C23 = 2200uf 25v

On PS w/(1) filter cap and single output connector:
(style 1) replace 
C7 1000uf 25v

(style 2) replace
C7 47uf 50v
C12 10uf 35v

Brightness Control: <Ctrl-Up> & <Ctrl-Dn>
Yoke connections to vid. PCB: Front: Orange-White-Blue-Red: back.
? No (?) sweep or smoked. C144 R153 Q115 D107 D113.
PMV1448 Raster, no video Ck. contrast pot, replace IC601 LM1203AN (Phillipines) with another sourced 1203.
PS problem Ck. C232 330uf 100v in PS on 80v line.
High pitched whine in 800x600 C308 47uf 35v in PS
C311 47uf 35v in PS
C319 220uf 35v in PS
C330 220uf 35v in PS
PMV1448NI (1024NI) Hori ripple Ck. C204 & C206 0.1uf
PS Dead, fuse OK C308 330uf 25v or 47uf 35v
C319 220uf 25v
PS Dead, fuse blown Ck. Q301 switcher SSP4N70, sub 2SK1023
Ck. D308, sub QFR307
Ck. C319 220uf 25v
If still won't oscillate, replace IC301 UC3842
PMV14VC (1024NI) Display dim (or goes dim) Ck C503, C510 near FB, C515
Vert shrinking Replace IC201 TDA1675
When replacing the vertical IC on this monitor, change C201 to a 220uf 35V .  Change the jumper J118 to a 1k ohm 1/4 watt resistor.  This should prevent IC201 TDA1675 from burning out again.
Vert linearity problem during warmup Replace:
ZD201 3.2v 1/2w
C206 mylar .01uf 50v
C208 mylar .33uf 50v
PS Crowbars Flybacks short in this model.  Try desoldering pins 1,9,10.  If PS comes up, replace FB. TF2-3V0-070-L3 or L5
PS Crowbars Try unplugging the power cable to the color board under CRT neck.  IF HV comes up, ck. all tantalum caps (yellow) on color board for shorts.
CS1024NI2 No vert deflection, or too wide & pincushion Ck. bad solder at yoke connector.
R241 20 ohm 1w, ZD202 20v 1/2w
Ck. R335 33.2k ohm
Ck. R325 33.2k ohm
in PS regulation feedback (see "smoked" below).  It drifts high, and PS will run high as a result.  Ck. 180v line at pad on bottom of mainboard.  If it can't be adjusted to 180v or lower, using VR301, R325 is probably high.

If IC201 TDA1175A is bad (pins 4 & 5 shorted), ck C205 220uf 35v on Vcc line pin 2.

Smoked Ck. R325 33.2k ohm 2w, which feeds IC303 TL431 through R326 887 ohm 1/2w.
Ck. Q303 2SD799 B+ regulator.
LED blinks, HOT OK Ck. IC201 TDA1170.  Pins 4 & 5 should NOT be shorted.
1430+ No brightness control Ck. R761
CS1572 Vivitron See Sony CPD-15F13
CS1572FS Noise/whine in PS, Ripple in display. R331 (behind PS transformer) should be 91k ohm, may have drifted to 100+k ohm.
Replace with 1% metallized resistor.
Adjust 85vdc afterward.  If symptoms persist, ck. ZD302 12.2v.
Intermittent purple display Ck. signal cable ground; may be loose where it is crimped to clamp at chassis?
Vert size changing Bad solder R302, Q105 (swivel base hits them).
Shorted HOT Bad coil L106.  6mh or better.
Ck. C116 10uf 50v
No HV No HOT oscillation at base: ck. IC706 regulator (near R331 on heat sink w/dboard on top) for 12v output.  If low, ck. Q121 2SH945 (sub 2SC945) 2" back and to the right.  Shorted and holding 12v down.
Jittery, display tries to collapse. Glue, or bad solder on 1"x1.5" dboard screwed to top of heatsink IC706 under CRT.
Wide, pincushion Ck. D104 31DF for low forward bias
CS1776LE See Mag DX17F
DX17S Vivitron HV Shutdown See Mag DX17F note for HV shutdown & TL082.
YE0711-01, aka (MON017010AAWW) Display shifted to right, all controls work. R515 4.7 ohm 1/2w, near FBT
D505 ? sub 1N1004 near front IC
Problem spots: C232 4.7uf 50v bipolar
C514 4.7uf 160v to rear of FBT
Various models Blown fuse See note in Apple section about posistor DGC3RO8M
1460 No HV Ck. R715-1 15 ohm.  Will drift high.
1460DL Loses hori sync. Ck. C710 mylar 222J.
IM1428SV No LED, fuse OK Open resistor R807, 47k ohm 2w
HV shutdown C424 33uf 160v near FB
Reduced size & dark C204 1uf 50v
CM1448M Replace always list: C430 22uf 200v near FB
C309 10uf 200v near FB
C428 1uf 50v coupling trans
C319 100uf 25v vert proc.
C839 10uf 200v PS sec.
C826 22uf 200v PS sec.
C904 4.7uf 100v CRT PCB
C934 4.7uf 100v CRT PCB
C964 4.7uf 100v CRT PCB
Chirping PS/HV shutdown D809, D/Q808 2SK526 transistor on heat sink. Ck. R430, C309 10uf 200v near FB, C838.  Ck. D402 BY329 by yoke connector.
Lastly, replace TDA4800.
No power Ck. C319 100uf 25v near vert processor.
If shorted HOT Q403 2SC3884, replace with 2SC3886 and replace C428 1uf 50v near coupling transformer.  Also ck. coil L802 for burnt.  Will still chirp after HOT replaced if L802 is shorted.  Replace with a coil of about 15mh.
Width too narrow Replace:
C827 47uf 200v PS Sec.
C839 10uf 200v PS Sec.
C838 100uf 200v PS Sec.
C428 1uf 50v coupling transformer
D/Q808 2SK526 near signal cable
Color problems Ck. R933 on CRT PCB.  Will have burned solder off.
Color problems Color adjust pots VR304, VR305, VR306 burn up.  20k ohm.
Brightness pot doesn't work. If G1 is +12v instead of -30v to -40v, ck. R325 20k or 27k near FB for open.  Replace C309 10uf 200v near FB
DCM-1588 or Impression5 Dead Bad solder on isolation transformer by AC socket.
CM2086A 3UX No power or shuts down during warmup (< 15 min.) Bad solder T902 in PS
HM4319-D PS cycles C108 47uf 100v
C103 10uf 50v
D1187A See Mitsubishi 6905
D1195A Dim C132 100uf 16v heater filter
D280xA (Samsung) Vert foldover, too bright, raster shows Ck. for burnt R201 100 ohm 1w.  Replace IC201 TDA8351 which apparently draws too much current on pin 3?
PS voltage too high Ck. R111 33k under heat sink.  If open, the STR58041 will overdrive.
Smoking Ck. D801 1N4937 near FB.
L1906 (version 1 w/two boards)
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Dead, or no backlight, or cycles ON/OFF every few seconds Ck PS filter cap
C905 150uf 450v
Found completely open on one unit
L1906 (version 2 w/two boards)
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Dead PS filter caps bad:
C822 1000uf 10v
C823 1000uf 10v
C824 1000uf 10v
Replace all three with 25v or 35v 105�C versions.
Ck large filter cap (C805 150uf 450v)
L1906 (version 3 w/single board)
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5
Dead PS filter caps bad. Always:
C822 1000uf 10v
C823 1000uf 10v
C824 1000uf 10v
Replace all three with 25v or 35v 105�C versions. For the taller caps (my 35v ones), I had to remove a small rubber cap on the chassis for clearance.
Less common: Ck large filter cap C805 100uf 450v
L1906 (version 4 w/single board)
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Dead, or no backlight, or cycles ON/OFF every few seconds Always: Replace PS filter caps:
C1 470uf 25v
C9 470uf 25v
C855 470uf 25v
C862 470uf 25v
C864 470uf 25v
? Screen shifted to side. Replace hori centering pot & C527 mylar, C531.
HCM-401 Squeals, no HV C217 10uf 100v on CRT PCB 75v line
Usually caused by PS caps failing.
Noisy on power up C712, C713 100uf 160v in PS
C709 47uf 16v in PS
HCM-402C Noisy PS, no HV Ck. C526 220uf 25v, near ceramic resistors (which will have bad solder).
Vertical problems C409 2.2uf 50v
HCM-423E No raster, whining. Ck. voltage off the transformer that feeds the base of Hori. Output Transistor: should be 22VDC.  If so, replace IC TDA1180P @ U504
HCM-437E Brightness problem C324 10uf 250v near FB
HN-485S Bad ripple, noisy Heat/freeze C754 472K.  Replace if symptoms change.
HV4850 No B+ or dead PS D706 2SD401A near PS
I-O Corporation
1196 Dead C6 47uf 25v in PS
Ripple C9 470uf 25v in PS
3180 Various On mainboard, replace:
C241 4.7uf 350v
C212 10uf 160v
C242 100uf 160v
C102 47uf 50v
C103 22uf 63v
5153 (CGA) Dead or shuts down C812 1uf
C815 4.7uf 50v
C826 47uf
C507, C537, C567 2.2uf
R213 2.2 ohm 1/2w fusible
C821 47uf
HOT T401 TLN114
Q801 2SD1185
Dim R438 200k ohm 1/4w
C509 4.7uf 250v on CRT PCB
Display drifts to side C213 1uf
No vert sync Q402 HA11235 vert IC
If problem persists:
C305 140pf
C307 470pf
Vert problem C302 1uf 50v near HA11235
5154 (EGA) Dead or shuts down or comes up slowly If PS outputs too high:
C11 47uf
C13 10uf
C14 1uf
Also check T5, T6, T102 MJE13005
L252 8.25mh, 2.2ohms
T400 TIP30B
T251 BUX32B HOT?
T103 BU208
R105 1k ohm 1/4w
R115 220 ohm 1/4w
IC100 LM324
C605, C705, C805 22uf
Shuts down immediately C812, C815, C826
Vert foldover in CGA mode IC400 HCF4053BE
C311 100uf
Arcing noise, intermittent startup D103
T102 MJE13005
IC100 LM324
Color(s) missing T605, T705, T805 2SC1507
T606, T706, T806 2N2369
D801, D802, D803 1N4148
Pincushion IC401 LM324N
B+ filter caps 220uf 250v
Display shifted to side D401
Raster, no video R110 2.2k ohm 1/4w
D102 BA159
Streaks, dimming to right T706 SK3444
Too wide, hori wrap T400 TIP30B
No hori sweep T400 TIP30B
IC401 LM324N
6312-001 Dead C028 1uf 50v in PS under heat sink
6314-001 (Goldstar) Hori wrap, small display. Ck bad solder on dboard connector mounts P701 near FB.  Repair by bypassing bad connector with wire.
Various jitters Bad solder yoke connector P702, Q705 near FB, IC601 on Rt side, R952 & R953 in  PS secondary.
6321-001 Dead R111 burned.  3.9 ohm 2w seems to work ok.
6542-301 No display or HV shutdown C164 1000uf 25v PS secondary filter
C162 470uf 25v filter to 15v/12v line.
C161 100u 100v for good measure.
6543-301 HV shutdown, slow startup, chirping HV C164 1000uf 25v PS secondary filter
C162 470uf 25v filter to 15v/12v line.
C161 100u 100v for good measure.
7534 (EGA) Dead or shuts down Can be FBT TFB-176G or TCH-141
Q408 2SC2898
Q305, Q412 HD14053BP
R32 780k ohm 1/2w
In PS:
C3 330uf 35v
C4 10uf 35v
C10 1uf 50v
C32 47uf 200v
If Q408 hot, ck:
Q409 HA17324.  If still hot, replace FBT
Q407 BU208
Q209, Q210 BC307B
Q408 2SC2898
Q403 2SC1094
R444 10 ohm 1w
R445 470 ohm 1/4w
R446 56k ohm 1/4w
C418 2.7uf
Q405 2SB856
L401 TCH-141 CCS #34-1029
Shuts down C409 47uf 16v
C432 22uf 50v
No vert sweep R320 2.2 ohm 1w
Q302 2SD1138C
Q303 2SB861C
Q401 HA11235
Q301 2SC2921
Vert foldover C314 4.7uf 160v, next to Q304 near vert section.
Comes up slowly R28 100k ohm 2w
Raster too bright R454 2.2ohm 1/2w fusible
Q205 BC237B
Q413 2SC458C
No hori sweep Q403 2SD1094
Q404 2SD667
Q405 2SB856
L401 TCH-141 CCS #34-1029
C415 0.1uf 250v mylar
Too wide L401 TCH-141 CCS #34-1029
Q205 2SB856
C417 1uf 100v
C414 9600pf 1600v
D407 RGP15M
8503 Raster too bright R425
Dead, blown fuse Bridge diodes D801-4
Dead, fuse OK FBT TFB-6481/E
LV transformer TPW332D/A
Bad solder on mainboard, esp. near vertical section.
HOT shorted.
Dim or no video C422 100uf 25v
Q403, Q404
Q206 2SD1609C
8512-72 Dim Replace flyback
Too bright R542
Vert foldover Ck. C425 100uf 35v
HV dies, PS stays up. Ck. HOT Q502 2SC3026.  It won't be shorted, but using an oscope you can see the signal die there at the base.  If signal ok, ck. signal @ Q501.
R540 1 ohm 1w
HV problems Replace:
C534 220uf 16v
C537 22uf 160v
C545 22uf 250v
All will be bad.
Ck. Also C852, C806, C816, C826 2.2uf or 3.3uf 400v on CRT PCB.
Very noisy, unstable display Replace C117
PS squeals or shorted HOT Ck. C534 220uf 16v near HOT
Ck. C852 2.2uf or 3.3uf 400v on CRT PCB.
HOT 2SC4436 can be replaced with 2SC3688.
PS squeals Pull 84v harness from CRT PCB.  If squeal stops, ck for shorted color driver transistors 2SA1370 and 2SC3502.
May also have R805, R815, R825 56 ohms open.
Very noisy, non-op. Replace these caps in PS:
C18 47uf 50v
C21 22uf 50v
C22 1uf 50v
C37 100uf 100v
C38 10uf 160v
HV, no display G2 is normally about 400v.  If the focus pot changes G2 significantly, replace FBT MSH1FCT31
8513-23 ALWAYS DO: Replace C120 10uf 35v near LED.
Resolder color pots and CRT socket
Resolder AC socket to mainboard
Resolder FBT pins
No HV R254 10 ohm 1/2w burned up, near yoke connector.  Bad solder FBT pin #1 (yoke/HOT)
Blinking LED Ck. diode CR105 1N4936 or QFR207 in PS, diodes CR212 FR154, CR219, CR220 near FB, C223 .0068 or .0072 (green PCB) or .0047 (yellow PCB) 1600v for odd value CR101 1N5397 or FR155 3A 600v under switcher heat sink.  May have low junction.  If C202 100uf 160v B+ filter, or C218 10uf 100v goes bad R203 120 ohm 1w will burn up.
Blown fuse Bad posistor.  Often rattles, with loose parts inside.  C8ROH or MZ72-2-18.

Shorted PS switching transistor.

Shorted bridge rectifier BR100.

R211 2.26k ohm 1%
R101 0.68 ohm 1w
R103 0.22 ohm 1w
R104 4.7k ohm 5w
R105 470k ohm 2w

No display when warm Bad solder at CRT socket
Squirming at sides, squealing, HV shutdown C120 10uf 35v near pilot LED
Z100 Linear regulator AN5900
Pincushion, internal hori & E/W adj pots don't work. C225 22uf 50v
Red dim or absent Bad solder on red cutoff pot.  Very common problem.
Too bright Bad solder at FBT pins
No colors? QM70-2 CA3046
Too wide C223 .0068uf or .0072uf 1500v
8513-72 ALWAYS DO: Replace C313 3.3uf 160v off yoke connector vertical pin.
Fuzzy FB TFB-185A
No HV, PS ok Q402 MC1391P
HV, no display If no G2 voltage (pin "W" near right of FB), replace R447 (or R451) 3.3megohm 1/4w hidden under edge of FB near heat sink plate.
? Bad solder at yoke connector
Whining, dead C812 1uf 50v
C815 4.7uf 50v
C826 47uf 50v, all in PS

Q801 2SD1402
Q403 2SC3883

Whining or no vert sweep If R320 2.2 ohm 1w (10 ohm 2w on some) is open, replace Q301 TDA1670A also.
D302 RPG15J
Pincushion or distorted R330 33k ohm
Jitters/shakes or retrace lines visible C203, C204 47uf 50v
Width problem D406
R305 380k ohm 1/4w
R306 36k ohm 1/4w
8514 Dead Q560 HOT 2SD1849
Q571 2SD1850
Q801 2SD1402
R811 100 ohm 1/2w
R816 0.33 ohm 1w
FBT TLF-85680B
No vert sweep Ck. PS secondary resistors.
Various Bad solder everywhere in PS
PS problems C825 47uf 16v
C810 22uf 35v
C832 22uf 25v (or 100u 10v)
C864 470uf 6.3v
C865 10uf 50v
Streaking Replace three surface mount caps on color dboard on left of mainboard. C301, C302, C303 10uf 50v.
8515 Dead FBT
9517 Normal voltages: G2 = 620v
G1 = 95-130v
33G4577 Bright lines on sides of color bands. Ck. ZD181 on rear right of mainboard.
39G2708 Whines in VGA R950 2.2 ohm 1/2w open in PS secondary
59G7871 No power Ck. C028 1uf 50v in PS under TDA heat sink.
Width problems Bad solder on Q602 2SB988 near FB.
Idek liyama
MF-5117, MF-5217 Noisy, no video Replace C5B5 22uf 160v near rear center of mainboard.  Remove transformer L5A4 and partially remove rear panel to gain access to it.  Noisy during powerup is normal.  Ck. also C5B4 2.2uf 400v, near transistors heat sink: leakage will be high.
Ck. D966 RM2 14 1000v 2.5a
Display 3" wide Bad C-E junction on Q5A2 2SC3995 near FB.
See Helm
IKI1428SV Hori sync problems, delayed brightness on cold powerup. Ck. C123 100uf 16v in secondary of PS.
VS-19 Dead Bad solder at FBT
C446 10uf 400v behind FBT
IV Various Bad solder at all blue mylar caps near FB, also bad solder @ FB pins.
F15LS Hori ripple If B+ and base of HOT is clean, bad FBT
CK-1405 HV ok, no display Bad solder on CRT PCB
Loses hori sync Bad solder at J117 where the swivel base hits it
1428 No brightness control Ck. R316
CA1528D Display goes white instantly Replace R146 near FB
MM-1468J No vert sweep D402
C408 100uf 35v
If above ok, replace IC402 TDA2653A
6448/41 Dead, no LED Ck IC901 STR58041 pins 2 & 4 for short.
Should be open.  If shorted, replace Q901 2SC3203 also. Ck R904 300k ohm, R911 & R912 (each 6 ohm) for open.
6448/52 Shuts down when warm, HV won't always start, won't do 800x600 mode. Replace R321 3.3 ohm 1/2 watt (burned up one will be 1/4 watt).
Flyback note: If a 154-166B comes out, replace it with a 154-195A if you order it from CCS.  Dalbani's 166b works ok.
Leading Edge
CMC-1412A No power Ck. C021, C022
CMC-1500BA Similar to AST 1414AE1
CMON 1528V Similar to AST 1414AE1
Leading Tech
400V See Laser 6448/52
430V See Laser 6448/52
450 No display or very dim Ck. C925 470uf 100v
WARNING! CRTs do not self discharge!
125 Various on video PCB C410 4.7uf 50v NP
C406 4.7uf 50v
C409 330uf 50v
C408, C401, C411 470uf 35v
C412 (non-finned sink ver., Rev B) 22uf 50v
CRT Caps to replace: C101 220uf 50v
C103 47uf 100v
PS ills C5 & C6 47uf 50v
R1 .75 ohm 1w open
D10 Zener 3.6v shorts
Vert compressed, wrapped & wavy Bad yoke.  Really.
Chirps w/good HOT Ck. C407 mylar 153K
MC6 Similar to Wyse 150/160 Flyback sync wire that is banded on end is SYNC2.
MAG       800.827.3998
DX1495 HV shutdown immediately C516 10uf 250v
DX15F LED flashes Replace Q502, Q508, D509
DX1595 Odd notched pincushion IC101 TDA9103 (Phillipines) under CRT in front
LX1564 See Gateway CS1572
MX15F ? Replace diode for 185v supply with MUR460.  Old diode will fail if run for long @ 1280x1024
No HV Ck. all PS voltages, esp. 21v filter C330 1000uf 35v.  Ck. HOT & 10uf cap by xformer
Pincushion or too wide C523 3.3uf 250v under aux board in middle of mainboard.
Blown fuse Arcing between PS switching transistor's heat sink and the 5w resistor next to it, through burnt glue.  Remove glue, replace fuse.
Ripple, noisy PS R331 91k 2w in PS, changes value?
DX17F No HV Always:
L105 T*I-281-103-*0 should be 4.5 mHenry, 90 rings.  Ck for burned insulation.
If HOT Q109 2SC4747 shorted, ck. or replace:
C123 1uf 50v at coupling transformer.
Q116 IRF740 or 2SK1378, tall heat sink at rear.  Can replace with IRF840 or BUZ64.  If shorted,  R177 1 ohm 1w, off center leg of Q116 will be open.
Q117 2SD799 for short.

Less commonly:
R181 120k ohm 2w, drifts high, near yoke connector.
C164 220uf 16v at end of heat sink plate,
C525 1uf 450v.
R339 15k ohm
C134 .0075J bad solder
C137 .0068 bad solder
C127 .39J 250v
C124 .0056J 1600v

Hori control doesn't work Ck. C137 .0068uf 1000v
Insufficient width Ck. B+. Should be 63v +- 2v.  Adjust via pots near rear of FB.
Won't sync. Ck. C126 .0027J
Dim or brightness varies. Remove glue on disk cap/spark gap near G1 on CRT PCB.  Also remove glue around red G1 wire and nearby resistor.
Dim, washed out Ck. IC401 LM1203BN Vcc pins 1&28.  Should be 12v.  If less than 10.5v, replace IC403 LM340T12 at CRT PCB lower left.
HV shutdown HV too high.  Mag recommends setting the shutdown level at 29.5KV and then easing the HV back to about 27KV.  There are two pots in the corner of the board (R105/107?)
HV Shutdown Ck. IC902 TL082CN located near FBT & HV pot.  This IC combines the HV pot and DC  feedback line from the flyback and controls the 555 timer that controls the B+ FET.  If pins 5, 6, & 7 all have near 12v, replace the IC.
Jittery Replace just L105
DX17S HV Shutdown See Mag DX17F note for HV shutdown & TL082.
Dead or No HV Q906 IRF740 B+ regulator
ZD901 12v 1/2w
D903 15DF-4
D527 1N4148 (in base circuit of Q512)
FBT TF2-6V5-001-LA (not TF2-6V0-011-LB)
B+ at FBT = 47v @ 31.5khz
DX1795 No HV IC701 TDA9103 per MAG
Ck. J709 10 ohm 1/2w resistor off pin 18 of IC701 for open.
Pincushion Q516 per Mag
MX17F No video, no PS LED Ck. -7v out of PS.  If no voltage, ck. D311 & R362 0.22 ohm.
Reduced width Q907 IRF830
MX17H No HV, clicking Ck. Q503.  If shorted, replace C503 1uf 50v and IC506 555 timer IC.
MX17S Smoke or ticking VR501 hori centering pot
Q503 2SC4924 hori deflection
Q505 IRF640 hori defl regulator
C515 4.7uf 250v
Pincushion Q506 2SD799
MX21F No Hori sweep, vert line. R535 10 ohm 1w
Q503 BU2525AF, sub BU2527AF
C503 1uf 100v
No HV Q505 IRF640
Q503 BU2525AX
Q506 2SD1088
R514 2.2 ohm 1w
XJ700T (V7T001)
Dead, ticking D310 or D311 HER30 in PS secondary
C-SV1428A See Helm IM1428SV
See Philips
XT-4800 Dead or LED blinks D124 31DQ06 in PS secondary.  Schottky 90v 1a
1406, 1406E Dead, squeals, hisses C135 (or C141), C142 (or C139) 470uf 16v in PS
1406 only Color missing Much bad solder on CRT PCB
Other models See Edison
15FGx See ADI LM-1564
M17FGx See Mag DX17F (really)
AL4050PD Dead R940 470k ohm
AM4020 No power Ck. Q901 D907 C907, and fuse.
A1775 No power Replace:
C108 100uf 25v
C123 100uf 50v
C135 47uf 25v
C127 10uf 50v
C119 1000uf 16v
all in PS next to transformer.
Bad solder at FB pins 12 & 13, at PS connector W104.
No HV, no B+ If resistor R113 1 ohm 1w under PS connector W104 is open, ck. Q420 BU2527AX.
L1564PDM Jittery, static C204 2200uf 16v in vert sweep circuit
L1782 Various Q420 BU2525AX hori sweep driver
2SD1027 under CRT PCB, screwed to lower pan
R498, may be 10 ohm 1w?  Burned up, near L403.
M1450PD Chirps Q501 BU2508DF HOT
C509 10uf 50v NP
C508 100uf 16v
No pincushion adjustment C534? 1uf 50v
Q504 2SD1138
R560 & R561 500 ohm 1/4W
Dim Scope heater line.  If square wave at input freq, replace C932 470u 16v
Entire picture shifts down 1/2" Replace Q907 IFR640 (2SK2161?) with IFR830 or equivalent.
C918 47u 16v
Vert control doesn't work Q201 2SC945 TO-92 near TDA, right front.
R207 1k 1/4w
Colors flickering/missing Bad solder at unlabelled 6 wire connector from rear of mainboard to CRT PCB
M1448R Hold down on power-up Ck. C108 ______ in PS & glue
SV1428A HV shuts down Ck. C424 near FB, Ck. C430
No video or raster Ck. R437
SV1448 See Helm CM1448M
MM1495I See Helm CM1448M
1564PDM Pincushion Ck. C525 10uf 50v
66267 Chirping HOT Q??? 2SC3883
C731 100uf 25v
Bad solder at FBT and other locations
Loses vert sync in some modes Hsync is being bled to Vsync line to TDA1675 by U612 SN74LS86N at front of mainboard.
C706 1uf 50v in vert circuit.
HA3905 HV shutdown Q951 2SC3310 in PS
Bad solder IC951, IC952 in PS
HOT 2SC4125 shorted
FW6405ATK Poor degaussing Bad solder RP901 posistor
? Bad solder R907, R904, D912, FB pins 11 & 13
HL6905 Loss of sync, variable pincushion Ck C922 in PS 22uf 50v
Dead, shorted C3688 & D921 on side heat sink. Bad solder on connectors J602, J508, J601
Can be reached by removing lower pan.
Various, whining PS, HV comes up then dies. PS regulation.  If you bench check the voltages with PS unloaded, the B+ & 185v will be high, but the 12v, 5v, & 24v should all be very close.  If not, replace IC952 LM7805 (5v), IC 953 LM7824 (24v).  Ck. also all picofuses on PS.
The 24v circuit is picky; tolerance is about 23.7 to 24.2 !
B+ should be about 60-85v depending upon screen voltage setting, and should vary almost not at all when brightness & contrast pots are varied.
Connector table: C4123 goes to J601
C3688 goes to J508
PCB-Coil (Blue & Brown wires) goes to J515
2SD1138 goes to J514
Intermittent jittery Ck. plastic of yoke connector for heat damage.
HL6945 PS dead Replace IC991 STRS5841 9 leg.
Ck. C941 2.2uf 450v
SD5700C Pincushion, hori wrap Ck. B+.  Should be about 65v at 640x480
If more than 90v, run!  Mitsubishi repaired one we sent them, and made a note that it was a bad EPROM somewhere.
XC-1430C No LED, squeals Ck. D952 for short. 
Ck. C556 10uf 100v near FB.  Ck./replace three caps near PS osc. C908, C909, C913
? Ck. D904, D925
Nanao         310.431.5011, 800.416.3539 faxback, 310.431.4811 repair dept fax
Control panel Lock/Unlock:
F550i, F750i, Old T560i & T660i
With picture displayed:
Leftmost button & Blue/Pincushion for 3 secs.
Control panel Lock/Unlock:
New T560i & T660i, all 'F' series with "-w"
Pincushion (below 'G') & brightness for 3 secs.
Control panel Lock/Unlock:
T2-xx & F2-xx
Degauss while power-on
Flexscan 9070? No HV Replace STK78617 on side dboard
Odd display symptoms, static Replace all caps on side dboard
MA-1781 PS cycles D64 in PS
0261 See AST 500902-001/SVGA
XL (see also 5D) Too bright, control doesn't work Bad solder R969 on 2"x3" PCB at upper rear
I (JC-1401) HV OK, no heater voltage Ck. R780 4.7 ohm on video PCB.  If open, replace IC702 STR2005.  Ck. TR782 D882.
No HV, C1 = 12v If C1 (B+) comes up to 120vdc with FB disconnected, replace FB 47105626
Blown fuse, bridge OK See the PS list for II (JC-1402)
II (JC-1402HMA) Blown fuse, bridge OK Ck IC601 STK7406, IC602 STK7404; pins 15/16: should not be shorted.
R623 4.7k or 5.6k ohm
R624 1 ohm
R632 1.2k ohm
R614 2.2k ohm
R631 2.2k ohm
Ck. bad solder on PS sec. filter caps.

Replace all small caps in primary:
C620 22uf 100v
C615 (JC-1401) 4.7uf 100v
C615 (JC-1402) 2.2uf 50v
C610 470uf 35v
C616 470uf 35v
C611 220uf 25v
C617 220uf 25v
C609 4.7uf 100v                                     CP-E475100

PS Voltages:
C1 = 84
C2 = 18
C3 = Gnd
K1 = 85
K2 = 24
K3 = Gnd
K4 = Gnd

Dead Ck. transistor TR5C2 near rear for shorted outside pins.
No HV If B+ (C1) is way low, like 20v, ck. for FB heating up.  If so, replace FBT 47105637
2A (JC-1403) Fuzzy CRT bad or FBT 47105647
Dim display, dark 1" wide vert bands Replace these caps on CRT PCB near M51387P:
C701-3 47uf 25v
C707-9 2.2uf 50v
C734 22u 160v on opposite side
Pincushion problem Replace IC402, ck. C412
Vert foldover Ck. bad solder CND6
HV too high Ck. T501 for short
Brightness pot isn't linear (steps) Replace Q704 2SA733 on CRT PCB
Various Cracked PCB near FB
LED dim, no HV Ck. for about 16v on IC451 pins 9, 10, 14 on daughterboard.  If not present, R6A1 2.2 ohm 1w under CRT near dual jumper wire connectors will be open, and vert processor uPC1498H will be shorted on pin 3.
Various Bad solder where dboard on right mounts to mainboard on bottom.
Note: heater voltage is pulsed DC.  No diode.
3D (JC-1404HMA) HOT 2SC3486 shorted or gets hot. Replace also Q519 2SK758
Won't sync Bad solder C501 under CRT, ck. nearby also.
Dead R625 10 ohm 5w in PS open
C561 1000uf 35v
No HV Ck. Q522 2SK752, sub 2SK758.  HOT driver.
No HV Ck. IC401 HA11423 pin 15 for 9v output pulse.  If at 10v steady, ck. Q2002 2SC1318 for 24v on C, 18v on E. If E is low, replace Q2002.
If 12v missing at TP550 at left rear, ck. R536 33 ohm 1/4w open, 1" left of vert proc heat sink.
MacSync Similar to AT&T CRT329D, NEC 2A
? (JC-1405HMA)
? (JC-1431VMA) Dark vert line on left,  about 1" from edge C825 2.2uf 160v filter for 150v line, near connector ?, connected to D808
3FGx (JC-1532VMA) Screen brightness changes Bad solder on flyback ground
Shorted yoke driver If yoke driver Q516 HPA72 is shorted, ck. Q525 2SK758, replace Q516 with HPA100 (10a 1500v).  Mount by adding extension wires to clipped-off old transistor leads, bolt HPA100 to heat sink using existing hole at upper right.
3V (JC-1535VMA) Colors drop off at different levels, ghosting to right. Replace LM1203AN (Phillipines) with another sourced 1203.
4D (JC-1601) Shuts down or hori driver shorted. Q560 2SC3688 Hori defl driver on FBT heat sink 
Q544 2SK699 hori defl predriver
Q5P0 2SK758 hori defl B+ reg. on sheetmetal heat sink in front.
Q5T0 2SC3685 HOT on FBT heat sink
Q5U2 2SK758 on sheetmetal heat sink in back.
C541 100uf 35v next to Q544

This has proven to be a difficult model to repair.

? C613 47u 63v in PS
C629 47u 200v in PS
4FG (JC-1531VMA) Pincushion, variable brightness, or HV comes up only for a couple of seconds. Caps on mainboard under PS leak on traces.  Replace (all under PS):
C561 = 470uf 35v
C556 = 470uf 35v
C559 = 47uf 35v
C557 = 1000uf 10v
C562 = 220uf 16v
C410 = 100uf 35v
C407 = 2200uf 35v
C401 = 220uf 16v
C404 = 220uf 35v
C503 = 100uf 35v (near h-yoke connector
C555 = 100uf 35v

Remove transistors & transformer as necessary to clean traces with Flux-off and hard eraser.  One or more traces will often need to be bypassed with wire.  Ck. especially the trace under R556 & ZD554.

Jittery vertical Bad solder at IC401 LA7837
HV Shutdown C557 = 1000uf 10v
HV problems Q505 HPA100 on side heat sink plate
Q510 IRF9610 (double check! or replace with IRF9620)
C503 100uf 35v near h-yoke connector
C404 220uf 35v near LA7837 vert processor
No HV Q554 B772 (green) shorted, located near C555 & vert processor.
Poor focus Rejuv often improves focus dramatically.
Over bright or raster only C793 = 470uf 16v
Located on L-shaped board next to CRT board.  Leaks and eats traces.
Variable brightness or goes dark C792 100u 25v.  Located under C793.  May not show very high ESR, but replace it anyway.  Ck. for leakage on traces.
5D (JC-2002VMA) Too bright, control doesn't work. Bad solder R969 on 2"x3" PCB at upper rear
No HV or HV shutdown Cracked mainboard from FB to rear edge.
? Q4TOB 2SK1271 shorted.
5FG (JC-1741VMA) & 
6FG (JC-2141UMA)
Dead HOT shorted, holds down PS
Q5G6 2SK758 on mainboard
Q581 2SC3998 on PCB above FBT with heat sink.
Display is 3" high and centered, or pincushion, or vert not adjust high enough. Problem is on dboard, 1.5"x7" on PS side of mainboard.  For pincushion problems, try replacing:
IC5S2 = XRA10358/LA6358,  8 pin DIP
IC5S3 = XRA10324/LA6324N/LM324, 14 pin DIP
IC5S4 = XRA10324/LA6324N/LM324, 14 pin DIP

For scrunched vertical, try replacing:
IC5G1 = C3404C, 14 pin DIP

Other parts on dboard:
IC5S3 = XRA10324/LA6324N/LM324, 14 pin DIP
IC5S5 = 4200D JRC 2022D,  8 pin DIP
IC5G0 = XRA10393 or LA6393D,  8 pin DIP
Q5S1 = 2SA933, Mini TO-90
Q5G1 = 2SA933, Mini TO-90
Q5G3 = 2SA933, Mini TO-90
Q5G2 = 2SC1740, Mini TO-90
Q5G0 = 2SC114, Mini TO-90

No HV Ck. Q503 2SK806 near small FB predriver.
HV shutdown or video fades like loose heater connection Ck. C8C3 330uf 16v on upper left of video process board, under top of digital board PWE-330.  It leaks and etches a 12v line underneath.
PC-KD854N Japanese model, requires special video card, apparently runs somewhere between 21-29khz.
XV14 (JC-1433VMA) Width control inop, pincushion D504 near FBT, replace with MUR4100 or equiv.
Note: shield around FBT is VERY sharp!
? PS crowbar (chirps) C33 mylar 123J1600v
HOT BUW13A and PHBUV26A on large heat sink
447E058 No Hori sweep Probably C212 mylar?  Near FB.  No idea of the value.
1000 (CM1448M) See Helm CM1448M
4000 See Acer 7076I
For other models, see ADI
Trumpet-14 Streaking C623 1uf 250v
C629 1uf 250v
C634 1uf 250v
C624 1uf 250v
C625 1uf 250v
C626 1uf 250v
Various Bad solder on FB pins.
Packard Bell
1020 HV hits hard, then shuts down C430 10uf 160v
1020 (FCCID  DK4M1448) HV hits hard, then shuts down B+ too high:
C334 100uf 200v near FBT
(RC has no video cable; non-RC has captive video cable)
Reduced display width, no pincushion or width adj. Bad solder on Q405 TIP42C.
Ck. R445: 85 ohms works, correct value unknown.
Reflow yoke connector, Q714, Q715.
Loses sync when changing resolutions Replace I701 Z0861404PSC Zilog 40 pin
Spectra 305CD Color problems Replace LM1203
1401S/1402 No HV If no osc. at base of HOT, ck. Q910 A1273 near center of mainboard.
R612 1 ohm 1/2w near vert osc TDA4866
D403 zener 5v
1411SL PS cycling Reflow P701 yoke connector.  Ck. secondary PS diodes D910, D911 RU3C 600v 1A.
1412SL No display, or color problems Replace LM1203AN (Phillipines) with another sourced 1203.
8524 Various Flybacks go bad (fuzzy after warm, draws too much current and gets hot).  Replace only with TFB-200A, NOT 200C.
8529 Too bright, white screen G2 at CRT about 600v?
R449 1.2 megohm is open.  In front of FBT.  It's the ground for the G2 divider pot.
8537 Dead, blown fuse See note in Apple section about posistor DGC3RO8M
8539 Too bright, white screen See fix for model 8529
8531V Similar to Laser 1468
8541VGG See Laser MM-1468J
85117SVGM See Viewsonic 7
C1381 Dead, fuse ok Q804 2SK1351 in PS
C1491 Dead, fuse ok Bad solder R804 in PS
1557AS Mild hori ripple Ck. Cap @ 2154 68uf 250v
Various Various Ck. for broken mainboard around flyback.  Remove black PCB spacer.
C4J420-0473 HV shuts down Replace C2614 1uf 250v
CM9032 No power Ck. R111 for open
CM9089 Loses sync Replace IC7801 MC14538 dual multivibrator under bezel opposite of power switch.
CSJ5209/743 Raster, no video Ck. Q513 for short.  Ck. bad solder on 7108 5v regulator near AC plug., 7523 on HOT heat sink, F801 (wad of white wires) below black plastic board spacer.
Chirps If HOT BU2508a is shorted, see note under Apple 4222.
Ck. 8512 BY329-1200 TO-92 style diode.  May not be shorted, but will have low reverse bias.  If diode is bad, check:
3119 1 ohm 1w
2119 100uf 63v
both in PS sec near green ground wire.
Note: if you disconnect FB pin #4/B+, cap 2517 10uf 16v will blow!
Dead or chirps Scope pin 3 of 7105 UC3842 (current sense).  If pulsing above 1v, ck harness F601 (wad of white wires) pin 1 (rearmost).  Voltage drop should be charging".  If it's about .6v, look for shorted transistors on CRT PCB, esp. 7722 BF422 & 7723 BF423.
Picture tall & narrow, B+ low Bad 3119 1 ohm 1w and 2119 100uf 63v in PS sec. near grn gnd wire.
CM2015D1 No HV Ck. bad solder on 7153 5v regulator near AC plug, 7916 regulator (?) near FB at back of chassis.
Chirps Ck. 6618 diode pack at FB heat sink.
Power II
3E See AOC CM-335
4A See AOC CM-336
CM1414E See Helm CM1448
UltraSync Series Signal cable pinout DA15M --> DB25M
1  = 2
2  = 4
3  = 14
4  = nc
5  = nc
6  = 3
7  = 5
8  = 15
9  = nc
10 = 10
11 = 12
12 = nc
13 = 16
14 = 17
15 = nc
GM-1560 Chirps C805 150uf 400v main filter cap leaks badly
PM-1448A Dim Heater voltage low
C820 220uf 16v in  PS sec.
Color missing Burnt solder on CRT PCB
QM890 (Mitsubishi HL6905 chassis) Dead, PS cycling Ck. C330 220uf 35v in PS primary
Radio Shack
VGM-470 See AST N461D
PS-707 or
See EMC SA-770
0356 Too wide, dim C420 22uf 250v
? TPD Sync problems Ck. R432 47k ohm, R423
No contrast or no video Replace LM1201N on CRT PCB
No power Ck. Q405 C460 Q453 on HV PCB
THN9175SKTKW No Green IC331 LM2202
TE1438 Raster ok, no display, no LED Shorted IC602 L7812CV on mainboard, open R632 42 ohm that feeds it, shorted Q101, Q201, Q301 2SC1906 on CRT PCB.  May also have shorted LM1203.
TF-1560 ? C532 10uf 250v near FB
CN1775 See Mitac A1775
KDM2077 Chirps Ck. Q714, C718
CSF7487 The DB9 video connector requires special cable, not NEC or Sony pinout.
No HV C449 100uf 35v
CQA4147 HOT Q403 shorted Q403 2SC5386
(CID?) B+ regulator IRF9610
CVM-4867T Pincushion C111 220uf 25v
C206 10uf 50v
C207 .47uf 50v
C208 4.7uf 50v
C210 4.7uf 50v
C211 10uf 50v
C223 .047uf 50v mylar
C224 .047uf 50v mylar
C280 10uf 50v
C311 100uf 25v
IC202 LM358
CSJ4927A Size controls don't work in 800x600 Replace large dboard IC202 Part No. SSP02A
CVM4967T Pincushion Replace IC201 SL405 28 pin IC under tube and C207 0.47uf next to it. Ck bad solder on vert deflection IC.
CVP4581 Vertical sync problem If output of TDA is two or more times input, R306 33k off TDA2653A pin 13 open.
7571 Shuts down immediately Ck. R654 in PS
Shuts down after a few seconds. Ck. IC601 STK7408 pins 15 & 16 in PS.
If shorted, do NOT replace with STK7408T; it will NOT work.  Also ck. R601 18 ohm 5w for open.
Pincushion problem Ck. R326
Blown fuse Ck. IC601 STK7408 pins 15/16 for short.
If shorted, Ck. R601 15 ohm 5w near filter caps for open.
Hori blanking problem, will shift with vert control Replace Q504 2SC1008 and Q505 2SC2323 TO-92 on mainboard
L4571 mono VGA No display, or no hori sweep C517 330uf 50v
SM483C No HV, B+ ok If PS voltages ok, replace IC203 GL1151 hori. oscillator
SC-428PS Narrow, width pot doesn't work Bad solder Q406 KSE800 near FB
CM-6K See Hyundai HCM-401
E461D Front panel: to lock in settings, press and hold both hori width buttons for a couple of seconds.
See AST N461D
EM-1417 Various Replace C615 near FB 2.2uf 35v.  Almost always bad.  Ck. R616 330 ohm; usually burned up.
CM-1440C Signal cable goes on J001
No HV Bad solder on HOT & HOT driver transistor (and other places)
CM-1450C Signal cable goes on J001
Shuts off Bad solder:
R906 18k 2w in PS
Hori center pot
Q670 2SD1658 near center of mainboard
Q668 on heat sink near FB
Q930 with clip-on heat sink next to TP10 at center rear of mainboard.
Connectors J001, J002, J003 on rear PCB
Dead Q901 in PS on heat sink
R902 22 ohm 5w in PS open
SM483C (Goldstar) Various Ck. for cracked traces; common with this mainboard
PMV14VC See Gateway
CB1716SL Intermittent color L404, L405, L406 1.1mh inductors get weird.  All on CRT PCB
CM-1402 No HV Centering pot burnt
403 shorted
C419 .56J mylar
Sony         800.222.7669, TS: 800.326.9551, service 342.5721
CPD-200SX Smoking, leaking C907 330uf 400v PS filter
CPD-1302 Signal cable pinouts DA15 VGA to DB15?
1 -> 5
2 -> 8
3 -> 1
4 -> 2
5 -> 3
6 -> 11 (or 10 & 11?)
7 -> NC
8 -> 13
9 -> 14
CPD-1304 ? Bad solder R217, right front.  Can resolder without removing mainboard.
CPD-15F13 HV shuts down, shaky display Bad solder @ HOT
Bad solder at dboard pins near front.
Chirps Ck. Q503 IRF9630, Q507 C5149
LED flashes once, No HV Heat sink for IC502 hits CRT, cracks PCB
Dead If PS sec voltages are present, ck. R612
If open, ck. Q529, D623, Q603-Q606, D622, D628
CPD-1604S Dboard part No.: A1346069A (or 991099931) $172.33 Spring '96.
No power or squeals Ck. C911 10uf 63v in PS
Bad solder R409 between sweep driver & HOT.
All below on dboard near FBT:
C309 10uf 35v
C310 47uf 16v
C338 4.7uf 35v NP
C332 470uf 16v
Replacing these fixed one for the B+ crowbar squeal, even though their ESR measured OK.
Jittery or vert problems Bad solder at Q412 & IC201 vert processor
Pincushion/trap problem All on dboard near FBT:
C334 4.7uf 50v
C331 4.7uf 50v
C330 10uf 35v
C336 10 uf 35v
C313 1uf 50v
C349 10uf 35v
C346 10uf 35v
C328 10uf 35v
If problems persist, TEA2031A
CPD-1730 No display, HV OK, or jittery, hori lines Ck. bad solder @ vert processor IC202 LA7838.  Check solder on D202, Q201, Q202 also.  Mainboard must be removed to access all of these.
GDM 1936 No HV Q401 2SC4532 (sub 2SC5332)
PS101, PS401 1a pico fuse
Q204 2SC3997
Q402 IRF9630
Q217 IRF9620
C405 ?
GDM 1962 Fuse blown D201 in PS
GDM 1962B HV shutdown after a second Ck. for shorted Q315 Q307
Ck. C330
pico fuse PF302 blown
GDM 20E20 HV shutdown, LED flashes orange Q507 IRF9630
Q508 C3997
PS501 pico open

Will run 640x480, sync on green

GDM-2038 Vert rolling C207 1uf 50v on dboard near FB
Display moves right when warm C217 1uf 50v on dboard near FB.
If still moves left/right with heat, try replacing IC101 LA7856
Hori distortion halfway down C240 1uf 50v on dboard near FB.
Standard Technologies
ABO-428-SVGA Shorted HOT 2SD2125 Replace also C417, C418 100uf 25v
FC16AS Filament ok, HV ok, no display Replace C19 in vert circuit
? Ck. bad solder @ FB
GDM 1962B See Sony GDM 1962B
GDM 20E20 See Sony
7176N (Acer version) See Acer 7176N
? Screen flashes Ck. resistors 27k ohm, off pport/pot (?) connectors.
Pincushion or width problems Try replace TEA2031 8 pin IC
SV1482 HOT shorted Replace C318
PS dead, fuse blown Q902 2SC3459 sub 2SC3460, switcher
Q901 2SD400 giant TO-92 switcher driver
C908 10uf 50v
C909 47uf 50v
ST1496 Loses sync when hot Replace ______ TDA9102
ST1497 Shorted HOT C219 mylar .006 1500v
C217 10uf 35v coupling cap
Bad solder C214 mylar
CM1380F See IBM 7534
CM1496 See IBM 8513-72
640/650x 17" Blown fuse K40? near yoke Flyback shorted. F31 0053
2SC3886 shorted Replace also C202 10uf 250v
Remove glue off everything possible in area
850 Width trouble Replace Q405 C413 D405
TCM-1400G Noisy or no display, HV shutdown Ck. C121 220uf 16v in PS.
TCM-1448G Noisy or no display, HV ok Ck. C121 220uf 16v in PS.
955 WARNING! CRTs do not self discharge!
Dead PS Ck. Q1 (MJE13007 or 2SC3039 or 2SC2898).  If shorted, Ck. D5 diode 1N4935 600 PRV 1A.  If either is shorted, replace Q3 (2N2222A).
Ck. R8, R9, R10 (1.2 ohm).  Replace if open.
Ck. R3 (22k ohm, 3w) for open.
Ck. D1 1N4007
Low vid voltage (10v) and low logic voltage (14v) Ck. C16 680uf 16v
Replace Q2 (2N4124 or 2N2923 or 2SC1815)
Component list ZD1  = 1N752A 5.6v 1/2w
D12  = 1N4004 600v 1A (replace with 1N4007 1000v 2.5a)
SCR1 = TYN058 or C122F or MCR218 SCR-50 VRM, 10A
D5 = 1N4935 600 PRV 1A
R8, R9, R10 = 1.2 ohm
R13, R14 = 22 ohm
No vert sweep Ck. R614 3.3 ohm 1w for open
After CRT replacement, raster is shifted to one side Adjust one ring on yoke
Various display problems
(note: there are at least two variations of this PCB, and the component numbers/values are not the same)
(Vertical focus pot version) Replace:
C305 = 220uf 25v
C306 = 6.8uf 25v NP
C509 = 47uf 25v
Dim (Hori focus pot version) Replace C305 220uf 25v
CM2228NL Dead R804 27k open
CAC14MG Display too wide Replace C445 10uf 160v
CAD14NF Dead Ck. Q802 BUZ90A PS switcher
Ck D808, D8605 600v 1A (replace with QFR207)
C821 100uf 35v
C813 100uf 100v
All are on secondary of PS transformer.
TD1428A See AST 1414AE1
CSK5877A(NO) Geometry problems All geometry adjustments are accomplished via a programming port to the Toshiba TC89101P
CM-1428A Color problems All caps on CRT PCB will be fried
C525 10uf 250v
C517, C519, C522 4.7uf 250v
C512 4.7uf 50v NP
C513 10uf 50v
C504, C505, C506 2.2uf 100v
Ck. driver transistors C3788 for short
1/7031 Dead Replace C703 220uf 100v
1782-2 17" Blue weak or dead IC1302 EY07P4C3 15 pin IC
4e Dead Ck. D304, D305 near FB for shorts.  Will hold down PS.
Pincushion or width problems Replace IC304 LM339N and Q325 2SC2235
5e Pincushion or vert problem Replace C213 2200uf 16v
Pincushion or width problems Replace IC304 LM339N and Q325 2SC2235
Dim Bad solder on PS connector in PS, PS transformer secondary, CRT socket.  Good practice to reflow every time you have the opportunity.
Shorted HOT Replace C336 0.22uf 50v coupling cap
6 No vert (?) sweep TDA shorts & burns out resistor.
Replace R863 1 ohm 1/2w in PS & TDA1675A
6e/7034T Not enough hori sweep, narrow Replace Q208 2SD669A
PS chirps C609 100uf 50v in PS
6fs No power or Pincushion Ck. Q132, D132
7x ? Ck. (4) 4.7uf 400v caps on vert mount aux. board on left side.  They blow out.
Dead Bad solder on On/Off switch.  Test by bypassing switch at brown harness behind switch.
Dead If no PS outputs and 170v on filter cap, replace IC881 STK750-010
No Hori sync Ck. IC520 MM74HC221AN pin 7 for inverted spike, about 5v, that is the same freq. as input hori sync signal.  If not present, replace IC520.
14ES (1448ES-1) Dead Bad solder L602 in PS primary.
Dead R603 33k open
17GS (1769GS-2) Vert foldover/distortion D401 1N4001 next to vert output IC
21 (2182) No vert sweep Bad solder on yoke PCB and IC402 TDA LA7838, which is on CRT PCB.
Shorted HOT Q550 2SC4288A Ck. D351 RP1hn on mainboard near FBT.
N4200W-2 Dead 24May2015 ALS: Lots of bad small caps on PS board PSM241-404-1 Phihong:
C703, C806: 1uf 50v
C119, C801, C803: 22uf 25v
C108, C502, C603, C605, C801: 47uf 50v
None of the larger caps were bad on this one.
N-1428 Front panel: to lock in settings, press and hold both hori width buttons for a couple of seconds.

See AST N461D (similar but not identical)

Other models See Laser
JK1461 Dead color For Blue:
Q211 2SD756
Q212 2SB716
R232 10 ohm
C240 1uf 160v

For Red:
Q207 2SD756
Q208 2SB716
R228 10 ohm
C238 1uf 160v

For Green: similar in circuit.

Blue level drops off to right D205 1N4148
Cutoff pot doesn't work For Red:
D220 1N4148
Other colors, similar in circuit.
1433 Brightness fluctuates, too wide Replace C333
JK1461 Color problem
(see also "Wen JK1461")
Ck. 10 ohm resistor, D756, D716
30 Various problems Always replace:
C110 10uf 100v (in PS)
C205 6.8uf 50v NP
C212 10uf 250v
C209 220uf 63v ALWAYS!
C208 470uf 50v
C202 1uf 100v
C211 47uf 100v
C306 10uf 100v
C309 100uf 25v
50 Various problems Always replace:
C105, C202 10uf 50v
C107 47uf 50v
C109 1000uf 50v
C110 330uf 63v
C112, C203 220uf 63v
C114, C117 100uf 50v
C121 680uf 16v
C214 100uf 25v sometimes axial, under FB
C206 4.7uf 50v NP
Notes D102 is Schottky 60v 5a; forward bias measures .020 in circuit, .120v out of circuit normally.

If Q102 PS switcher (2SC2898, replace with 2SC3150 or 2SC2979) is shorted, replace Q101 2N2222A also.  If you don't replace the optoisolator U103 4N35, use a variac to bring up supply AC while monitoring voltage at TP1 or cathode of D102.  Should go up to no more than 8v, then regulate back to about 5v.  If it rises above 8v, ck voltage at TP2.  Should step to 23.5 quickly, and not change.  If it drops off suddenly as you're bringing up the AC, replace the optoisolator.

The optoisolator cannot be checked like a diode.

Pin 10 on flyback is normally shorted to 1,4,5,7,8,9

TP1 = 5v, TP2 = 23.5v

Display pulsates in an out Replace U101 L200C WY-8043224
23.5v pulled down, 5v ok If 23.5v is OK with logic connector pulled, suspect flyback. No. 420007-01 or 80-004-08
Hori squiggly, ripple or static If all caps ck ok, replace flyback
Display moves left/right with temperature change. Replace C202 10uf 50v first.  If persists, replace Q202 BU806
60 FBT is 420016-01B
PS won't fire up Ck. R101 330k ohm for open.  Replace with 2W
Ck. R118 3.9 ohm 1w near fuse.
Blown fuse Ck. Q101 2SC2979.  If shorted, ALWAYS replace Q102 2N2222 and IC101 4N35 optoisolator at the same time, NOT one at a time.  Do NOT use Motorola 2222A metal cap transistors, as they will not handle the input voltage and will break down, causing the 5v to go to 8v or higher, zapping the logic board portion.
PS crowbar (squeal, no HV) If HOT Q202 (2SC3591, 2SC2898, BU406) is OK (check out of circuit), C203 .015J 400v blue mylar is shorted, located next to HOT.
Raster, poor display, brightness won't turn down Ck. D105 for open.  Replace with QFR107
Hori wrap or dim or no display D203 UF4007 or QFR207 or QFR307
Vert compression/expansion Replace:
IC301 TDA1175
C309, C311 100uf 50v
C211 47uf 160v
C306 22uf 50v
Other trouble parts C202 1uf 160v
C208 470uf 35v
C209 220uf 50v
C212 10uf 350v
C205 3.3uf 50v NP
R214 220k 1w
Screen size changes with brightness control If lots of vertical size change, suspect PS 12v+ changing to TDA.  If 12v changes more than .1v with brightness change, replace IC101 4N35 and possibly IC102 TL431CLP.  No fix for hori size change 
PS 5v+ above 5.3v Try replacing transistor IC102 TL431CL
See "Blown fuse" for note on 2222A.
Screen shifted left, changes with heat. Replace HOT Q202 with BU406 or 2SC3591 (but NOT 2SC2898?)
Some pixels missing in the same chars every time Replace U16 AVASEM/9047 192017-02
150 Notes Gray harness is brightness, two wires, goes to mainboard.

Brown harness is contrast, three wires, goes to CRT PCB.

? C315 4.7 uf 250v center of mainboard.
PS won't oscillate Ck. C107 mylar .22uf 100v
PS won't regulate Q102 2SC1213, won't measure shorted but leaks enough to push the 5v way too high, like the Motorola 2N222 problem in model 60.
Hori. linearity problems, wrap C209 22uf 50v
C201 100uf 50v
Both near coupling transformer.  If you've had the fixed hori width coil out, ck. polarity.  If backwards, chars will be scrunched on the right side of the display.
No keyboard I/O Ck. R23, R25, R27 47 ohm 1/4w near line drivers
Ck. U10 MC1588 or SN75188:
Pin 1 = -12v
Pin 14 = +12v
Pin 2 = Input 5v data pulses (when keyboard operated and you're not in the setup" screen)
Pin 3 = Output +-12v pulses
160 On powerup, second beep is on continuously. 5v too low.  Ck. 4N35 optoisolator.
185 Needs its own keyboard; 60 won't work.
325 Squeals FB shorts and case is frequently bulged. To remove mainboard, CRT must often be removed. HOT connector should have orange wire on top, gray on bottom.
PM Replace R526 0.47 ohm on CRT PCB with 1.5 ohm 2w, per Wyse FEB 460.
350 Top line of characters are cut off Replace C212 4.7uf 160v
530 PC mono Will not have HV without a signal present (no hori oscillator).
655 & 738 See Amdek
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