Odd MCA Cards

"IBM Wide Area Connector/A"
IBM Wide Area Connector/A

This is the best I could do with a scanner.  Connectors are both DB15HD, as used for video.  For a detailed close-up (you can read the chip numbers!), click on the image above (384k). IBM Wide Area Connector/A
v.35 on label on bracket.
FRU 33G9124

IBM Wide Area Connector/A
Now, this is the best pic with an older Sony digital camera.  Now you see why I went back to the scanner!
Note how far the plug-in module sits off the board.

Closeup of plugin module, IBM Wide Area Connector/A

"IBM EtherStreamer 32 Network Adapter"
IBM EtherStreamer 32 Network Adapter, full image

IBM EtherStreamer 32 Network Adapter, Odd connector 1
So, tell me, what connects to this 14 pin female mini Centronics connector?

Mikkel C. Simonsen says:

That's easy if you have ever worked with Macs. It looks very much like an Apple style AAUI connector. It's (almost) the same as an AUI, but the plug is different. So you use that connector if you want to connect to 10-Base-5, 10-Base-Fl or whatever.

IBM EtherStreamer 32 Network Adapter, Odd connector
IBM EtherStreamer 32 Network Adapter
FRU 74G0865

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