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John Savage pipe organ

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      Note 1-1/8" thick sub floor plywood panel with casters under it - on lawn -
      Console & pedal board sets on that section of platform
      [packing 111]

    Rear of pipe chamber - with chamber panels and pipes removed.
    Original wind lines in this organ are also made out of pipe metal material same
    as metal organ pipes.   Lower/left corner is air intake with filter removed.
    Pipes used at left end have very tall "toes" as originally manufactured
    so wind line may be threaded between them to wind the organ.
    Since there were no holes anywhere in casework, this organ was winded
    through the floor in all previous installations.  I built the existing intake
    wind line box - felt lined - to eliminate air noise - to fit between
    those two organ pipes with tall "toes" as I installed the blower inside chamber.
    [chamber rear 112]

   Note: 1-1/8 inch thick sub floor plywood platform - on casters - enables organ to
   be moved after assembly.  Blower sets into step down area in platform
   [empty chamber 113]

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