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                                         Honda trash water pump    WT30X
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Pump is mounted ( four bolts ) on an angle iron stand with 24 inch all steel
wheels.   Originally built for "El Nino" storm street flooding a couple of years
ago that did happen in a Los Angeles area private street.   Was used twice to
pump out Cul-de-sac that flooded - pump on stand was rolled down into
" lake " - submerging the stand over the wheels - as planned.   Water was
pumped over a block to a storm drain.   Very successful !!

stand honda 158

Handles telescope in to reduce storage space

pump on stand honda 155

Stand priced separately due to custom fabricating costs to build it
and it may not be useful to buyer of pump
Pump and accessories  $ 900.00
Pump and accessories with custom fabricated rolling stand $ 1,300.00
                Located in Los angeles area

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