Beth's "Lemon Whip" Dessert


Lemon Whip Dessert
1 pkg Arrowroot baby cookies
1 small container of whipping cream
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 medium lemon
1 5x9 pan - I use a Corningware glass one, but anything will do

Baby Cookies - yup, I know it sounds tooo weird, but they work . . . not too sweet.  Anyway, blue and white box with baby picture - oh, not the Junior kind, they don't roll out as nicely - the box contains two tubes wrapped in cellophane.  You only need one tube.

I unwrap and put one tube in a large zip-lock baggie and then roll with a glass or rolling pin until they are crumby - just like graham cracker crust.  Set aside.

Before you slice the lemon to juice it, grate some rind into a bowl. This is the same bowl you have emptied the sweetened milk into and it will need to be large enuf to hold one quarter cup of lemon juice, fold in whipped cream and ability to stir all that.

Place in another bowl the sweetened condensed moo, the rind from one lemon, and one quarter cup fresh lemon juice. The lemon juice will make the moo turn thick.  This is a Good Thing, to quote Martha Stewart

Whipping Cream: whip the whipping cream and add nothing to it.  This will get folded into the lemon stuff (or the lemon stuff will be folded into the whipping cream, depending on the size of the bowls).

5x9 pan.  What you do now is line the bottom of the pan with some of the crumbs, then a layer of whipped lemon stuff, another layer of crumbs - use almost all the rest if you wanna - then final bit of whipped lemon stuff and top with a sprinkle of crumbs - not solid across but a sprinkle.

Refrigerate for several hours, if you can - I eat it before it has set. Alan usually waits patiently.

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